Poppin’ The Cherry Post.

Ahh first posts. Such an awkward yet important post, do you explain yourself? or dive right it? Well to avoid awkward situations i’m whipping on the speedos and making for that big virtual diving board.

So i thought i’d start off nice and easy and whip out 5 tracks that i’ve listened to this week. I’m gonna try to  keep it pretty up to date but i apologise if i’m so ‘thats soo 12 hours ago’ for you.

First up is the remix of Long Distance Call by Phoenix by the elusive ’25 hours a day’. A great little remix that shows this chap/chapette has so much potential, breaking free of Dubstep ehh? Definitely a head bobber that may well even get the body poppin’ too.

Long Distance Call (25 Hours A Day Remix) – Phoenix

Eastern Conference Champion have got a lot of limelight recently due to the new Twilight film thats set to invade cinemas soon. In all honesty i wasn’t overly keen to listen to A Million Miles An Hour – the song in the soundtrack – yet  the Philadelphia trio have whipped out a great tune. Perhaps it isn’t as chorus driven as some of their other stuff, for instance ‘The Box‘ but any Vampire or Werewold that loves a bit of stereophonic-esque ballad (no really) should have a look. And yes, heres another lovely download to sink your teeth into…

A Million Miles An Hour – Eastern Conference Champions

So the next song is whipped out by Babeshadow, a relatively new band that have been kicking around since Late 09. However some of you may have seen them as one of NME’s Breakthrough website in which they grabbed band of the week. Whether this is more likely to put you off or attract you is down to your ‘love’ of everybodies favourite ‘indie’ music giant. However the band are really capable of throwing out some top stuff. Sea Serpents – the albums single – is a finely interwoven blend of jangly guitar and delicious vocals. And if you don’t wanna take this blogging virgins word for it, Steve Lamacq Spoons ’em too, and i’m sure his opinion holds a little more weight than mine 😉

Just walkin’ around a forest. As you do…

Sea Serpents – Babeshadow

Ok, the world cup is well and truly going and taking the nation for the ride with it.  Rob Greens Howler to Rooneys dig at the crowd the world cup really aint Englands ting. Thank the lord then that the song of the world cup is a brilliant remix of everybodies favourite Somali rapper K’naan (its ok, i don’t know many either). I’m pretty sure its hard to hate this song and what it stands for, the african theme just fitting so well with our current football frenzy. Just like the world cup, this is one song you shouldn’t miss out on.

Wavin’ Flag (Coca Cola Remix) – K’naan

So my final choice is a brilliant cover/remix/re-imagining ‘thing’ by the oh so British King Charles. Despite appearances, this sequin covered 70’s throwback madman is absolutely on point. Definitely a name to remember for the future. The lyrics in this Billy Joel cover are just oh-so brilliant you can’t help but find them a gimmick. Rest assured though, this song will NOT bore you after a few listens. The live version at Pigalle is also definitely worth checking out if you really do love it as much as it deserves.

Amy Winehouse eat ya hear out

We Didn’t Start The Fire – King Charles

And with that my bloggin’ cherry aint no more. If you have  actually gleaned any sort of impression from this then please do try to keep reading

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