Redtrack and Fandango


Redtrack, a band that have been on the cusp of success for a while now. They won a competition a while back (the name escapes me) and then landed a gig on everybodies favourite teen soap Hollyoaks. They already have some singles under their studded belts such as Poledancer and Addicted to Lust, both readily available on iTunes. Classing themselves as ‘Alternopop’ these lads from Southend really can write whip up some frenzied choruses. For some while they have been building up a massive fan base and pretty soon its all gonna go off.

Heres a link to their Myspace where you can nab a few free downloads and have a gander at the songs in their playlist.

Label Fandango, the  prestigious club turned label that has been steadily producing top class ‘indie’ music without even a hint of trying to sell out.

As you can see, its nothing special.

Producing the music as CD’s or Vinyls, both only available in little black sleeves. A definite sense of belonging and understated design compliment the nifty tunes so well.  it also goes without saying that they give smaller bands a platform to play. And with a backrecord like Fandago’s including the likes of Assembly Now, The Moths and even Fanfarlo, who wouldn’t want to record with them?

Valentine – The Moths

Leigh-On-Sea – Assembly Now

Anyyywayy, RedTrack will prove to be a turning point for Fandango because with their soon to be released single (tomorrow!) ‘Perfectly Fine Intellectual’, they are about to become Fandango’s first album release. Whether Redtrack have the capabilities  to keep throwing all crackers all album long is yet to be decided. And also for Fandango, are they trying to play with the big boys now? And what will then happen to all the lovely singles they’ve been releasing?

I’ll leave this download strewn post with some more goodies from Redtrack to really get you drooling over their new pre-album single.

Cigarette – RedTrack

Robbery – RedTrack

I hope its worth the wait…