Calling all Brightoners!

So, a bit of a ‘support our troops’ this one. Brighton has really got some real musical credentials developing. What with the Kooks of course (yeah yeah whatever) and Blood Red Shoes leading from the front. But its in the niche sections, tucked up in closets and in the nooks and crannies of the lanes that theres some real talent brewing. Heres some lovely links to take a swig from…

Simple yet cheeky, some class sampled tracks and just a brilliant playful mentality. The end of song chatter is just class, here’s a cheeky Arctic Monkeys sample to enjoy:

I’m 17 – Rizzle Kicks

Actually, you can also get their album here, free of course, i aint gonna be giving away illegal links… šŸ˜‰

End Of Level Baddie

End of Level Baddie, these guys have been knocking around for an age, but its only just recently they’ve got their acts together and given the fans what they want! Just some classic punk/indie mish mashes that give you the same Ā feelings that the 2005/06 garage sensation did. Oh and everyone loves a bit of BNP bashing…

Taxi for Mr. Griffin – End Of Level Baddie

The Flashguns, definitely one of my favourite bands, not that says anything… Such melodic choruses and a real sense of scale. Definitely some school boy song names too ‘Locarno’ History GCSE? i think so. Would love them so much more if the lyrics could actually be identifiable, great none the less.

Locarno – Flashguns

A truly great tune from avid DJ High Rankin or Will Rankin as his friends call him. Formerly lived in Henfield, Sussex, but i’m sure he’d say Brighton… A whole set of t-shirts and other ‘wearable’ items (i’m talking stickers and tats) have sprung up from this song. Pretty topical too given the amount of Brightoners that have OD’d from meow…

Meow Meow – High Rankin

So basically, the reason this post sprung about was when i heard the new single from the lovely label Fandango, did actually here this band at the Freebutt in Brighton where they played alongside Hot Club de Paris. Definitely worth looking out for in future (same with Hot Club De Paris as it happens) and absolutely brilliant live (not just saying that). They’ve deemed themselves ‘Tropical pop’ which is seemingly just dressing up this so called New (or Nu) branch of indie music. Their fruity blend of synth and a variety of obscure instruments combine to make some great indie pop. Definitely one for the punch bowl…

Ohh and make sure you listen past the starting Kings of Leon riff rip, it does get WAY better.

And if you decide you like your ‘tropical pop’ make sure you check out Ā the great ‘Is Tropical

Better – Rob The Rich

So basically, support your homegrown and then reap the rewards as you can chat about them ‘shaky pub bands’ that are now Ā hittin’ up the O2 arenas…

Rob the Rich on Brighton Beach