These people need signing, not fostering.

A band sized hole in the current British mainstream became apparent after MGMT’s second album that unfortunately sounded like a pre-pubescent Thom Yorke that found a synthesiser. So, naturally, a band had to eventually plug this hole with their own set of quirky, catchy as hell tunes. Ladies and Gentlebloggers, that band is Foster The People.

It is fair to say that Foster The People could not be more ‘right place right time’ at the moment. What with the new release of The Drums‘ neo-80’s eponymous debut and MGMT’s new found ‘maturity’.Suffice to say though, Foster the Peoples potential success will be down to their own musical abilities, not just through playing the market. their new track ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ is an incredibly catchy and slightly nonsensical track featuring a host of bizarre samples and sounds. But it is REALLY catchy. They’ve even got the Peter Bjorn and John whistling thing going on.

As soon as this track hits the radio it’ll be all we’ll be hearing for months. Mark Ronson is also is also a recognised fan, is there remix potential on the horizon? Time will no doubt tell.

The track is actually available for download on their myspace but just for you here is another lovely download link…

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People