Ohhh Christinaa

Lookin' Rude.

Boy Mandeville, a cheerful please-sing-along-with-us band that have been snowballing for some time now. This summer that snowball then got subsequently picked up and hurled at the pap’ by BBC’s Steve Lamacq. So naturally, these guys could really make a storm in the British scene. With their sun dappled, acoustic guitar ridden tunes could be providing a suitable pick-me-up as, again, the met office admit ‘yeah sorry, its gonna rain again’. These tracks almost seem to be deliberately written for those days down the park, in the blistering British summertime (hmm). When you should just lay and watch the clouds; not that anyone does, i mean well, they’re clouds. Their bouncy riffs and sing song are characteristics just begging to be loved. In fact instead of just lazily ‘cloud gazing’ you’d be better off wiping away the grass stains, grabbing a Choc Ice and running straight to these guys next gig before they go off. Who’d be the super hip summer musical mogul then?

Heres a live version of their new single ‘Christina’ and yes, they are playing it in a park. And no, that isn’t why i’d said it was perfect park music. Nice one boys.

And what madness! here’s another lovely download for your aural pleasure. Must be sunstroke…

Christina – Boy Mandeville

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Enjoy the sun.