Just a quick update about a little pop gem that has been keeping hold of my play button for the last 2 days. Usually i wouldn’t neccessarily choose to listen to a band quite like PURPL PoP. Call me bigoted but their bright coloured rudeboi attitude reeks of N-Dubz and their incessant please look at us babble. In fairness to PURPL PoP though, this song is some of the best stuff to happen to pop music since Miike Snow tipped up and breathed life back into it.

Its mismatch of genres and an Ali G style quirkiness that somehow it just works. Everyone can be satisfied by PURPL Pop as they dip in and out of all music styles, whether they clash or not.  They even steer into the realms of grime at the start of the song. Bizzle and Dizzee beware (only kiddingg). Somehow they also use  a similar dreamy synthetic kind of voice much akin to Owl City. But this time, definitely in a GOOD way.

Their lyrics are razor sharp and a complete laugh, seriously, their innuendo fuelled innocence and carefree attitudes are really refreshing. Comparisons could definitely be made to the tongue-in-cheek ‘Midnight Beast‘ who have become and underground sensation almost overnight. This would seemingly be why these guys have done so well in Sweden, lets just hope they grace our shores some time?

Heres a link to their music video. These guys must be such a laugh!

And yet again, here’s the download:

The Way – PURPL PoP

So keep it up PURPL PoP!