Tired Ponies, new tricks?

A new band has been formed in the upper echelons of musical society (haha). 3 men all hailing from their own  massively successful bands have joined arms and are ready to invade top 40. Of course these projects don’t always lead to top 40 hits (excluding The Raconteurs obviously!) but often, they do lead to  masterfully written songs.

Tired Pony is the lovechild of Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol), Peter Buck (R.E.M) and Richard Colburn (Belle And Sebastian). Their album which is set to be released on July 12th in the UK however will also feature appearances from Editors front man Tom Smith as well as Zooey Deschenal. Last night on their site they released a new song entitled ‘Point Me At Lost Islands’ as a day only free download. I was lucky able to snag it. I don’t know whether its still available (sorry!) but lucky for you, this is my blog, and i have the song so…

The song itself is a wonderful blend of each members abilities and preferences. There is a very orchestral, professional sound to it that gives it a great sense of depth.  Lightbodies voice is as always powerful and dramatic and keeps the song in check with his Snow Patrol-esque lyricism and enlightened style and emotion. A variety of instruments are used throughout and theres a nice folky edge to it. It’s got that kind of nostalgic road trip theme to it. Recollections of past memories and the like.

I personally adore this new song and am buzzing in anticipation for the rest of the album. What do you think? Leave a comment of your opinion. If you dare…

Point Me At Lost Islands – Tired Pony

Keep reading. But more importantly, listening.