Johnny Foreigner in a World Cup frenzy.

Johnny foreigner. A quite astounding so called ‘fight pop’ trio of Brummies. Their infectious 2 minute frenzied thrash songs that inhabit their albums have made them quite a hit. Johnny Foreigner are also one of the bands that have helped get radio time for the recent new fad of mixed duets, specifically with badass women bassists just like Kelly Southern of Johnny Foreigner or Charlotte Cooper of The Subways.

Well it actually turns out that a band as antiestablishment and care free as Johnny Foreigner love football! Well, its not clear whether they do or not, but why else would you be going to South Africa right now? It could be to do with the massive festival they played in OR the shit-hot music producer ‘Peach’ that they have produced their latest single with…

The single in question – With Who, Who And What I’ve Got – is another classic JF tune that, as always, shows just what these guys are about. It is however a slightly maturer outing for them, chocka-block with harmonies and they have even wound down the overdrive dial just a tad! Whether this is Peaches influence or the result of having 2 albums out already is anyones guess. Theres a sniff of dubstep and its classic ‘Transformers’ sounds and in this song too. It seems that the offbeat  samples are actually quite a nice way to compliment the crazed attitude of  the mic sharing, in your face, dynamic duo.

Interestingly, on JF’s site they actually say that they recorded each part of the song completely separately and in a different order then let Peach to work his magic. And waved his wand he has. The clearly seamless transitions between each segment are completely unnoticeable. I’m sure that we’ll spend the next few listens trying to find them though…

This single is posted as free download on their site as is presumably for the fans as well as preping everyone for their newest single to come out. For some reason JF are releasing another single from their 2009 album ‘Grace And The Bigger Picture’. As much as i do love another B-side to sink my teeth into alongside the single, it seems odd that they would be still releasing singles from an album from some time ago.

There is some more good news though to coincide with the lovely South African single. Word on the Hype Machine block is that another JF album is expected some time this summer. It will be very interesting to see whether this Birmingham trio are still quite as pissed off as they were in their first albums, or if lovely holidays to Africa and the like have mellowed them. I bloody hope not.

Here’s the single for download…

With Who, Who And What I’ve Got – Johnny Foreigner