Hiding in Tom’s shadow.

Boys Noize


After just 10 posts, Tom has managed to acquire himself a partner in crime. I’ll be adding something a little different to the blog, a new dynamic if you will. I’ll be dropping in every now and then posting everything from dance to hip hop, leaving the originator to strut his stuff with his broad knowledge of up-and-coming artists of which you have already witnessed.

So I thought I’d start of with this infectious summer mix of a song which – to be honest – I didn’t think could get anymore summery! It’s an simple remix really, but injects the original with a bouncy feeling and brings a new meaning to the all to overused word epic. I can feel this one being an absolute winner at the festivals. So here it is, it’s hot and is all over the place at the moment after being featured on ‘Annie Mac’s Mash up’,


Just click on the link and your download will start.

Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix)  –  The Chemical Brothers