Ridin’ the Nu Wave.

Surf Pop?

Spur of the moment post that came about after I realised I will miss Wild Nothing at the Freebutt on the 14th. DAMN. The ‘surf pop’ sound has slowly been gathering momentum and is starting to make an impact the mainstream (The Drums anyone?). Loads of bloggers and other musical aficionado’s have labelled it a fad, but i guess time will tell on that one. Anyway, i though it would be time would put together a little surf pop selection of song. Obviously not all of the songs represent the band or artists best work but i just wanted most of it to have a surfy name. SO grab your beach shorts and scroll on down…

(P.S, as of new author Pete’s new post, you can just click to download songs, none of that following links rubbish.)

First in the firing line is Best Coast. These guys have been hanging around for a while giving their own spin on the new surf sub genre. Heres a cheeky sneak peek at them with this great lo-fi demo of ‘Far Away’. UPDATE: There new single ‘Boyfriend’ is out recently and available for download here coutesty of drowned in sound: http://drownedinsound.com/news/4140402-listen–download-best-coast-boyfriend

Far Away – Best Coast

Ze Drums

Next up of course is the fashionista trio The Drums. I’m sure you guys have heard about these guys and there 80’s re-imagining. Well, regardless of your love/hate for the musical mainstream, these guys are ready to take it by force. Now, if this means that other smaller bands get thrown up into the swirl by the buzz around ‘The Drums’ that can only be a good thing right? This song is their first single and needs little explaining seeing as its been on TV and radio solid for the last 2 months.

Lets Go Surfing – The Drums

Neon indian, these guys are the most electronic band here that still kinda fit the genre (plus the song name…). I realllyyy wish i had any idea how they came up with some crazy sounds and samples. Its like an MGMT that overdosed on yet more LSD but somehow came out the other side. Regardless of their kind of organic computer sounds, they have come out with a really fun and interesting little gem. They’ve already been touring and got an E.P and an album out so have a look on iTunes for that. Definitely an interesting slant on the ol’ Surf Pop.

Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian

Surfer Blad.

Ahh, Surfer Blood. These guys have been generating all sorts of hype since 2009 and you can really see why. The musicianship in the songs is very impressive and they have produced some great tunes. I was lucky enough to see them live last year, and they really did not disappoint. Here is one of their singles-to-be ‘Swim’. If your a fan of jangle guitar pop this is for you.

Swim – Surfer Blood

The penultimate band in this post, Real estate. Real estate really do seem to have captured the whole evenings on the beach vibe. The songs these guys have created are just phenomenal. Again this trio that emerge from Ridgewood about a year and half ago have been rocking and a rolling since, their first EP was a big hit, and so was their second, whats next? Big things i’m sure.

Beach Comber – Real Estate

Here is the final band that im’a write about and they are the reason for the post. Wild Nothing are a band hailing from Virginia, and as so, follow in the footsteps of many other indie rockers (Facepaint, Steve Malkmus etc). Now Tatum, the lead singer of Wild Nothing strode straight into his university campus and decided, heck i won’t join a band, i’ll make one. And so Wild Nothing were formed. These guys are an assortment of very interesting musicians and have some sweet covers under their shoe string belts. Check out their cover of Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting if you need evidence. They create such cohesive, yet abstract, guitar based pop. These songs can’t help but get stuck in your head and flat out refuse to let go of that cerebral repeat button that presides there. They just released an album last month and here is one of the singles from Gemini named ‘Summer Holiday’.

Jack Tatum.

Summer Holiday – Wild Nothing

Here are some more tracks to take a listen incase i haven’t yet satiated your thirst for the surf, Billabong and such like.

Diet Mtn Dew – Lana Del Ray

Oh and here is Sonny and the sunsets new single:

Too Young To Burn – Sonny And The Sunsets