Scooby Doo and the David’s Lyre mystery.

The variety of posts on David’s Lyre that inhabit the blogosphere have so far been focused on his soon to be position in the frontline. The frontline against the swathes of lovely female solo singers we’ve got patrolling the charts at the moment.

Well those posts were completely correct, David’s Lyre is one such band that are definitely going to stand up to the tides of singerettes that are currently preside in castle ‘pop’. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for female solo artists, the likes of Marina and the diamonds and Ellie Goulding are responsible for lots of great tracks (and remixes), but some balance would be nice ya’know?So, David’s lyre. I don’t know a huge amount about them quite honestly. I don’t know whether this is due to my ignorance or if the air an air of mystery to
them. They wear masks at their live shows and in videos which might lead one to think they like to keep relatively anonymous. It’s also a VERY indie thing to do (look at Is Tropical). A bit of mystery Isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. It does seem that quite often people, myself included, spend more time poring through myspace and wikipedia try to rind interesting tit-bits (who slept with who’s sister…) than appreciating the songs on offer. And DL should be appreciated. Their interesting blend of remixes and covers really do give most of their songs a different if not completely new feel to them. If i were to compare them to another band, I would definitely say that they can sound startlingly similar to Friendly Fires whilst remaining both poppy and cheerful.

They don’t just cover though, David’s Lyre have also written their own sublime tunes for instance Constellations (yes, the one Jakwob remixes) and Heartbeat. Both of which are interesting combinations of acoustic guitar and exotic drumming with the odd cheeky sample. The powerful and narrative voice of David’s Lyre (is his name David?) is the focal point of the song and showcases his impressive voice and lyricism. Heartbeat in particular has an incredibly catchy and clever chorus. It glues itself to the back of your head like an over zealous post-it note that reads: ‘why on earth are we not signed yet’.

They’ve also just been featured on the Best of Myspace podcast in case anyone also wants to have a look at that.

So David’s Lyre, we salute you as you march off to do battle with Queen Marina and her Diamonds. Let the best MAN live.

Here is one of the videos, i adore this video and really wish i was at that gig. Be more mysterious ehh?

And here is some of their songs to satiate your thirst for their masterful acoustic pop and handy remix/reimaginings.

Heartbeat – David’s Lyre

Schoolin’ (David Lyre Remix) – David’s Lyre

Hollywood (Marina And The Diamonds (Live)) – David’s Lyre