The Practice Rooms Have A Lil’ Chit Chat.


Youtube, just like MySpace is such a great resource when it comes to finding untapped and unnoticed talent. The Practice Rooms are one such band. With only a handful of views for any video other than their ‘single’ they certainly aren’t huge. Seemingly from their videos they are just a two piece band that use a keyboard and record in a basement. But really, how many bands didn’t start like that? And when they manage to write and perform such class little indie tunes like ‘New York Girl’. A great piano based song with lyrics that span the length and breadth of both a relationship and New York it seems. Maybe they were tour guide lovers… Either way, we should be thankful that so many fledgling acts attempt to get noticed, the diversity and range of potential talent is just oh-so tantalising.

Of these ‘garage’ bands (literally). The Practice Rooms stuck out for me. Probably due to ‘New York Girl’. So I sent them some questions over the cybernet and they replied quickly. Here is the little Q&A.

First up – I really loved your songs, you are certainly talented!

So guys, better start off with the basics, what are your names and who plays what?

The two of us in the group are George and James. George sings the vocals and James plays the piano, we both write all songs together.

I know obviously this quite a cliche question bit in my mind its a very important one. What sort of music do you guys listen to, and where do you feel you find your inspiration?

Our inspiration vocally is Rufus Wainwright and musically it is Daniel Powter.

Also, whats the story on your bands name? Is there a history to it or did you like to give your fans a challenge when they search for you on google (try it) ?

The name of the band is The Practise Rooms is because we composed all of our songs in our school Practise Rooms during our break and lunch times, so when we tried to think of a name it stood out for us.

It kind of feels that the quality of recording doesn’t give the songs justice, what are your thoughts on time in a recording studio?

With us still being at school it’s hard to get into a recording studio, but we are doing the best we can to try and find a suitable place to work on songs, our music department has helped us record New York Girl professionally there, but it’s now finding the time to tune it.

One of your top songs (if you don’t mind me saying) is New York Girl. Is this based on an actual tale of romance and heartbreak in the Big Apple itself?

The song New York Girl is not based on anything to do with New York, the way the song came around is we started writing a song on the topic of New York, and then we kind of found a character in a New York Girl and slowly the song developed more into focused on her rather than New York

Just for a bit of a change, who’s your money on this world cup?

Our money has to be on a Brazil Argentina final but we can’t work out who will win, probably Argentina but lets wait and see

Is there any chance of us (the public) catching a glimpse of you live? Any upcoming concerts that we can look forward to? I am willing to travel…

There is no chance of seeing us live unfortunately. We are not signed by any record label and our local area does not have many concerts so it is very hard for us to find time to publicly perform

Probably more of a request than a question but have you guys thought about making a myspace? I kept looking but all I found was a recording studio in Truro…

We will set up a myspace page for the band soon, and we will post it on the Youtube page for people to see.

To round up, thank you very much for the pleasure of this Q&A and wish you the best of luck in your musical careers!

No Thank you for interviewing us! And for sparing your time to write about us.

Here is the video for New York Girl. Well its more of a slideshow, but who’s judging…

And, just for you pretty people out there, here’s another tasty download. (just click)

New York Girl  –  The Practice Rooms