Songs For Da Weekend Yeah.

Ooh Katie ❤

So, i actually wanted to release this post on Friday, which at this point in time i have missed by eight minutes. So i’ma have to keep it nice and short. Not twitter short, but pretty concise. Ahh no i’m rambling. Shit.

I’m not great with writing monosyllabically so my hands will just have to work quicker from here:

Sky Larkin, a sick band. Released ‘The Gold Spike‘ last year. It was super underrated so definitely worth checking out.

They have a new album up for grabs on their website:

New single Kaleide is pretty awesome, sounds how you’d expect it to (good or bad?), also comes with an acoustic version of Matador, which is AMAZING. Lead singer Katie Harkin’s relentless in her pursuit for new gems and little snippets of lyrical genius and rhyme. These guys tour around with Johnny Foreigner and Los Campesinos! yet still haven’t been given the time of day from the media they deserve. WHY?!

Here’s a lil remix of one of Johnny Foreigner’s tune by Sky Larkin.

I’llChooseMySideAndShutUpAlright (Sky Larkin Remix)  –  Johnny Foreigner

Anyway, you decide on their new release. Its not like your hear to read my opinionated drivel anyway is it?

Here’s the cheeky download for the masses, you could just visit their site though? LAZEE.

Kaleide  –  Sky Larkin

Oh, Lissi...

The term Europop seemingly doesn’t apply to Sweden (racism!). I left a post a while back about PURPL PoP and now its all about Lissi Dancefloor Disaster. ‘Oh My God’ is the sort of indie tune that will be no doubt be taking ‘hip clubs’ by storm as well as probably some gay bars (hehe). With their crazy ‘beepy bop’ synth its as if these guys had just jumped out of a N64 and got smashed over the head by Mario AND Luigi holding pink tetris breeze blocks (you know, the hockey stick ones). They’ve also got a thing for these cat logo’s, each to their own i guess. This is pretty mental song that sure as hell gets you on your feet, lets hope they can throw some more at us soon.

Epilepsy inducer this one

Oh My God  –  Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

The video is fairly interesting too…

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