The Best Coast in St. Ives

Ahh, summer, i’m setting off to St. Ives in Cornwall tomorrow and  here in Blighty it’s raining… Its unlikely that it’s been raining in California though, not now, not ever (bastards). hence why Best Coast have been able to hone their sand and sun beach twang guitar  tunes ready to take over the world (or beaches). These guys have been all over the place, both literally, with world wide tours but they’ve also been surfing the gluttonous cyberseas, creating a hugely respected name for themselves. Best Coast have been mentioned before in this blog (Ridin’ the Nu wave) but i couldn’t feel less guilty about repeating myself. They are well worthy of re-blogging though, especially seeing as now their is an album on the horizon. The album titled ‘Crazy For You’ is set to ship in UK via Rough Trade on the 26th of July, so people better start saving their pocket money for this one. It rocks in at 31 and a half minutes and so naturally it’s a mad musical sprint throughout. By sprint of course i mean a kind of swaggering LSD fuelled stumble towards the finish line. It’s clear that Bethany Cosentino loves two things: Drugs and boys. But you know what? That’s ok, her kaleidoscopic view of the world rubs off through her music, leaving anyone within ear shot with a soothing relaxed melody to whistle to, no bad thing at all. It’s safe to say that once you have heard Best Coasts new album, no beach or barbeque will ever be the same without this lo fi gem.

Bethany and co, let’s hope you can continue riding that wave to fame. And if you could, can you surf on by St.Ives and drop off some of that sun and heat wave that you have by the gallon in CA. It’d be quite handy here in Cornwall for my lil holiday.

Bethany Cosentino

Here’s some teasers for the new album, let’s hope these will tide you over till i get back.

This Is Real  –  Best Coast

Boyfriend  –  Best Coast

Oh, and Bethany has made a little song for Converse with KiD CuDi and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire weekend. Although the variety shown by these 3 artists is so broad, they have managed to bring together a very cohesive and quite frankly brilliant song.

Download it here:

All Summer  –  Converse (link to be fixed)

Until then:

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