Oh My God its Tony Hawk! (and Maximo Park).

Oh Tony ❤ Photo's by Me

On the 21st i was lucky enough to venture down to oh-so sunny Brighton beach near the old pier for the Quiksilver ‘gnarly’ skating extravaganza that featured not only Maximo Park (hold the applause) but none other that Playstation man himself Tony Hawk! To be honest i would pay 17 smackeroons just to watch Maximo, watching the ‘Hawk’ was just a nice change to just a typical group of support acts. Along with the skating there were american accents galore as well as a variety of portaloos, burger vans and people giving away freebies. Perfect.

I actually quite like watching a bit of skateboarding and the like but i was VERY non plussed by the skating on show. I shan’t bore you with details, but seriously, c’mon boys, no one even attempted a 900!

Anyway, after Tony threw his helmet and assortment of sweaty pads at the crowd, Maximo Park got ready to play. Out came the drums onto the half pipe and pretty quickly the band were out. No lengthy mic testing (1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4) To be fair they did not disappoint, they were playing in the exact ‘we are all normal, the lead is just a looney’ sort of way that is so common with such outlandish (or complete dickheads, your call) lead singers. To be fair to him, Paul Smith sure did stand out with his lovely light blue suit. Very Scarface. As a side note though Paul, you are the lead so you probably didn’t need the suit to attract attention…

Fashion aside, they sure can carry a crowd. Perhaps he went too far into speaking about the ‘depths’ of each song and portraying his arrogance that obviously walked hand in hand through the door with his record deal. Showing off his limited skating knowledge: “I haven’t really spoken about skateboarding much, you know, Ollie’s and things” to a beach-ful of shoelace belt/new era toting skaters probably wasn’t his brightest move. Song wise though they performed with the same gusto and enthusiasm that is so apparent when even listening to their albums and for that I guess you could say they redeemed themselves. Naturally ‘Books From Boxes’ and ‘Apply Some Pressure’ got the crowd bouncing even thoug a lot of people i’m sure would rather be listening to the angle grinders that are Metallica and Bleeding Through.

The set continued with Paul Smith bouncing around like a gazelle on speed, the rest of the band just pluckin’ away happily to their Gibson’s. There’s probably not much more they could do, it’s quite hard to upstage a lead like Smith.

It all finished on a high though, out came ‘Our Velocity’ and flat caps and San Miguel’s were hurled simultaneously (the crowd was a pretty mixed bag). Overall it was a good night, i probably dont know enough about skateboarding to truly judge, but it seemed to pale in comparison to Maximo Park’s (kind of) wit and arrogant showmanship. But that’s to be expected, it’s not as if this blog is about ‘Sk8in’ is it.

You guys probably have this tucked away in your discography somewhere but here is a free download of Maximo Park’s final song in the set from their album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’:

Our Velocity  –  Maximo Park

Err, Paul Smith? Photo's by Me

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