Been considering since the last post how i should theme this post, Should it be a ‘Mathcore’ theme or just generally anything that popped into my head. In the end the decision was made to be themeless. The irony being that of course that a themeless theme is in fact a theme. Bam. That’s a dilemma to leave for a more retrospective day, minute or hour though. Todays it’s all about bands, music and emotion. Same as ever (sighs).

Oberhofer. A band led by James Oberhofer (Original band name then…) and they come stonking out of Brooklyn in the You Ess of Ayy. They enjoy Oohoohh-ing and ahhah-ing

Oberhofer & Co.

a lot as well as the occasional cheeky claps and or wail. Sounds good though. The label ‘noise pop’ has been used a lot to describe them and they certainly have that kind of sound. But with more guitar. People love guitars, i love guitars, music loves guitars. Band with guitars are a definite win, synth can go second. This seems to be something Oberhofer agree with, the subtle hints of synth and general artifice bolster the twang and rhythms being conjured. For 19 years of age James is certainly doing something right, these guys seem to be a little Lo fi star ready to shine. Watch this space.

o0O0o0O0o  –  Oberhofer

Away FRM U  –  Oberhofer

I Could Go  –  Oberhofer

The Cads

The next band to have got my ears twitching are ‘The Cads’, an Ipswich quadruplet with some top of the pops catchy as fook tunes. Propa indie rock. Ipswich is a bit of an El Capitano when it  comes to indie rock tunes and these guys are no exception. I strongly suggest you help support them and follow the link to their single on iTunes. Again, probably big things to come. Here’s their latest single ‘Skin’ which can also be found on their Myspace.

Skin  –  The Cads


Last up is a crazy Mathcore band (hence one of the themes)  ‘The Cast Of Cheers’ (don’t bother google imaging them, turns out ‘Cheers’ was a program). Bringing with them an arsenal of off beat clean as Dettol synth chords and string plucking. Their album Chariot is available on their Bandcamp and it’s definitely one to recommend. With the Foals bringing Mathcore to masses these lads seem to be picking up what the

The Cast Of Cheers

Foals left when they headed over to the Spanish Sahara… Time will tell if the mainstream are up for some more Cassius.

A big thanks to The Recommender for the heads up on this one.

Here’s some of the albums bangers if your hard drive is getting pushed for space.

Goose   –  The Cast Of Cheers

Autoshottie  –  The Cast Of Cheers

Auricom  –  The Cast Of Cheers

And with that the themeless themed post is done. I think i’m gonna go try and increase my desire for ingenuity somewhere.

Ahh sod that, just watch this. Don’cha think a dub or DJ remix of this could be pretty sexy?

Actually will a jazz one do?


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