Two Doors & a casino

Having just pored through my inbox i found a quick shout out from the lovely Two Door Cinema Club. As a long time fan of theirs i was pleased to see them getting in touch again to hand out a lovely zipped file of Two Door goodness. Included was a copy of one of their early demos ‘Hands Off My Cash Monty’ and a video of them playing at Nouveau Casino. The early demo sounds much clearer than the original copy i had so maybe it was remastered? I’m not sure, either way its definitely worthing giving a spin. The demo is great, cheerful yet forlorn, emotion aplenty. It’s many reasons and songs like this that show just how talented ‘TDC’ ARE and WERE. Great stuff.

On a side note had a quick look through See tickets and their Brighton tour date @ Digital is sold out. A bit disappointing but it’s fine, at least it means that not only are they getting the recognition they deserve. Forgive me for maybe taking it too far but it could it also shows hope that the charts are not dead? There might be a quality ‘non x factor’ light at the end of the chart tunnel? Down with Bieber in with Two Door? Nahh, probably not catchy enough to become a phrase or movement. One can hope though. Rage did it!

Until next time, here are some of the goodies to have a look through, do make sure to join their mailing list so you can be in on the action though!

Hands off my cash, Monty  –  Two Door Cinema Club


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