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Some more bands to look out for, these have been churning and grinding within the upper echelons of my brain and installing their infectious hooks and melodies wherever they can take purchase. Be them the howls of children (not as weird as you think) or the politically mastered beats of Error Operator. It’s been a good few weeks for catchy as f**k sounds, bangs and whistles.

So Error Operator. The Banksy of the DJ profession. We assume he lives in London, who knows. He’s been all over the shop throwing sound cloud remixes to and fro and can do no wrong. Maybe he can, we just don’t know. With Tracks like Follow it is tricky to fault, this has got to be one of the most interesting uses of a monologue EVER (it’s from the film Network). Error Operators album is out September 13th, can he fit the hype?

Follow  –  Error Operator

Chromeo, the coolest, most unorthodox  house/funk/ general electro twosome that have graced our ears ever. They are back with a vengeance this summer, ready to release their second album Business Casual later this year. All hail geek chic.

Here’s their latest single with a real cheeky chappy 80’s video, catch it whilst it’s relatively hot & spicy…

Here’s a cover they have created recently too, who knew The Eagles could actually sound so damn groovalicious?

I Can’t Tell You (Eagles Cover)  –  Chromeo

The next single is that of Chicago’s ‘Young Man‘. The lovely Colin Caulfield paints the picture of the innocent five year old mind, full of dinosaurs play pens and the curiosities of the innocent mind. He’s been given shouts out from the likes of The Gaslight Anthem amongst others. His debut album Boy is due out on the 24th but as a special treat we can stream it straight from his blog
Five  –  Young Man

Five  –  Young Man

Last and most certainly not least is Dog Is Dead, a fairly misleading name for a band so chocka block with enthusiasm and cheer. Comparisons could definitely be made to early Rumble Strips as well as if you forgive me, the tropical elements of Is Tropical. They have released two songs on their single named ‘The Glockenspiel song’ and ‘Zoo’ respectively. They both convey their own emotions and messages yet stay within the similar territory to what they know, top stuff. The group chants on ‘Glockenspiel song’ backed by youthful voices as they chorus ‘we are the best, we are failures, and we love it!’ and reach crescendo’s more often than a roller-coaster. They both heart warming and tugging at our opinions of social norm.  Zoo continues with the trend, dehumanisation and knocks at racism and the inadequacies and priorities of a community, all wrapped up in a joyous ball of brass and cheer. Big things to come from these guys.

Glockenspiel Song  –  Dog Is Dead

Keep it upp.

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