Wild Nothing- One song too late?

Ahh, Wild Nothing. I must be honest, I have a little obsession with this band/personal project. Gemini has never strayed too far from my recently played this year I can tell you. Jack Tatum’s talent and ability aside, they were also a pleasure to interview and played a great set live in Brighton that sounded not only great but different. Good different.

(In case you haven’t read it, have a look at the interview here)

They’re are back to their old tricks again with an not-so aptly named song ‘Golden Haze’ from the forthcoming EP ‘The Summer Haze EP’. As the names suggest, it is a kind, dreamy (or hazy) mix of summer, psychedelia and whatever your imagination can conjur from it.

As much as I enjoy the song, I do find that i’m struggling due to it pissing it down here in England. God bless English weather ehh? Unfortunately I think the Golden Haze may be over for us here. This song sure would help prolong its decline though…

The EP will be released by Captured Records

Golden Haze – Wild Nothing