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everything-everythingEverything Everything seem to be the band on every cool kids iPod (or mp3 player, if you’re THAT cool) this summer. With their arsenal of whirring, frenetic and articulate rhythms and rhymes they have nurtured back home in Manchester, anything and Everything (pun intended) seems possible for this musical quadruplet. Luckily enough though, before they left the stratosphere on a rocket bound to stardom, I was lucky enough to get in touch and have a chat with the lovely Jeremy to find out just what EE are all about.

Check it:

Sorry if I sound ignorant but could you just quickly say your names and your instrument of choice etc?

I’m Jeremy – bass. There’s Jonathan who sings, Alex plays guitar and Michael plays drums. We all do other bits and pieces too.

I see you guys are touring, how is life on the road for you?

Unrelenting, but the road has become home for us now. It’s not a bad life. not bad at all. sometimes you can feel incredibly tired and irritable and homesick but we cope fairly well thus far. Although we’ve been doing this all year, we’re really only at the beginning still.

You played the iTunes festival recently, how was that?

Really good to play that room, The Roundhouse is a great venue with a great history. We did feel slightly out of place on what was (besides Bombay perhaps) a predominantly POP! – type bill; but we had a good gig and a good night. Now that I think about it, we had a really good night. I ended up in the gutter outside my mum and dad’s house…

Stephen Fry and Bombay Bicycle Club were there with you, did you get to listen to Bombay? More importantly though, did you get to speak to the Fry himself?

Yeah we’ve seen Bombay a few times and they were really good that night. We did say hello to Mr Fry but little more than that. We’re all fans and did feel a little starstruck. much more so than we saw queued for barbecued beef behind Courtney love in Tokyo last weekend…

I also heard a cheeky little bit of Rude boy during Schoolin’ in your live set. You also mentioned it on your Underage Facebook take over. Any chance of a full cover?

Actually there is a mild chance of this. A pop cover is in the offing and this is on the very long shortlist

You’ve started releasing your singles for the up coming album ‘Man Alive’ you guys excited?

Very. i don’t think it’s an overstatement to say it’s the single biggest event of all our lives. Probably.
Who would you say inspired you in your album. Major influences?
Personal history, world events, men, machines, women, the age of information, stilton and broccoli soup, cheapish boxed wine, the sagely advice of producer David Kosten and his accompanying 7 foot albino musical genius, the Beatles and Frank Zappa.

The latest single ‘MY KZ YR BF’ stands for ‘My Keys your boyfriend’. What’s the reason for the text lingo?

It’s appropriate for the song which deals with the mundane minute of western youth culture and bombings.

On a side note, have you heard the Grum remix of the song? Do you appreciate remixes of your songs?

Yeah we’ve heard the Grum remix. we like it. the verses are crazy, mind. We do appreciate the remixes. Some we like a lot. we appreciate the simple fact that people are willing to take the time to pick apart the music and make the best of it, whilst putting their stamp on it. Plus much of the internet seems to thrive on the buzz of remixes.

The artwork is very intriguing with the fox and all. I’ve seen foxes on some of your other stuff too. Any story there?

It’s simply a reference to one of the songs on the record, Tin (The Manhole). the lyrics revolve around the vulnerability of a fox on a motorway.That song’s special for us. The other thing we’ve tried to carry across all the artwork is the ‘glitching’ thing we’ve done on the images. The idea is just the juxtaposition of the natural world with the entirely fake digital world. The fox itself is kind of like that too; a rural animal that has, like (and because of) humans, evolved and modernised, They’ve adapted and come to live in the cities.

Lastly, I appreciate you are touring and have just released an
album, but is there anything else to look forward to in the future, apart from live performances obviously…?

Making the second album! i know we’re jumping the gun a bit as we’ve still not quite put out ‘Man Alive’ but, in a way, it has itself laid down 12 different paths we could go down. Who knows which one we’ll choose..? Might be all of ’em. Might be none. The possibilities are exciting.

Look out for their album as it’s out on the 30th of August, here’s a teaser to keep you on your toes.

They also got an 8/10 from the indie Behemoth NME. Let’s hope they aren’t swallowed up and churned out. My guess is, these guys just aren’t that type.

Schoolin’ (Live) – Everything Everything

Big things to come from these guys, watch this space (or their tent if you’re at Reading)…

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