Might As Well Imagine…

A quick flick through the old Twitter and loads of so called ‘Summer vibe’ tunes are arising, seeing as the weather’s shite I thought a listen to these gems would leave you guys enjoying the arrival of September (what I deem to be the worst month as it doesn’t fit into a season) So here they are…

Firstly a Great remix by feel good kings Basement Jaxx, it gives Vampire Weekend’s ‘White Sky’ a right bounce and the vocals are left in which gives it a right summer anthem feel…

Vampire Weekend  –  White Sky (Basement Jaxx Remix)

Secondly we’ve got Ellie Goulding’s latest sensation given a once over by Alan Braxe, resulting in a chilled kinda synth poppy blob of lushness (I genuinely don’t have any other words to describe it).

Ellie Goulding  –  The Writer (Alan Braxe Remix)

And a little bonus which I found on Annie Mac’s ‘Sunshine Players Mix’

The Krays  –  We’re Ready When You Are (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Don’t you just love the English summer?

Peace out