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Films Of Colour.

Films Of Colour, an elusive and curious name that hasn’t ceased to confuse me since I first heard it. (Colours of Film, Films in Colour, you get the gist.) Set to have their first single ‘Actions’ released on Label Fandango in October things are really starting to fall into place for them. And so they should do, these guys have been travelling the length and breadth of Blighty to put their music out there. Not that this is any different to large number of bands, but it shows dedication you know? Apparently they sound a little bit like Delphic and Boxer Rebellion mixed in a stew with Miike Snow.  Perhaps this could sum up their sound rather fittingly but heck, it could for all sorts of bands again.The reason for paying extra special attention to Films Of Colour is simple. They just do what they do. But they do it brilliantly.  Moody, epic, and the ability to write a chorus that would give even Snow Patrol a run for their money. Big things are yet to come, and all credit to them for it.

Anyway, I loved Actions just so much after hearing it that I got in touch with the guys and got them to answer a few questions. Just to get an idea of what they are about and what we can all look forward to in the future.

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It’s a bit of a cliche start but could you guys possibly just say what you play etc?

– Of course, the setup is Andy Clutterbuck on lead vocals and guitar, James Hatcher on guitar, Jack Allinson on bass guitar, synths and all things electronic, and James Rees-Flynn on drums.

Could you tell us a little about yourselves? unless you’re keen on mystery…

– We’re keen on mystery. Mainly ‘A Touch Of Frost’. Haha.

For a fledgling band such as yourselves, what has been in the build up to the release of your first single?

– There’s a lot being put into the release of this single. First and foremost, we’re booking loads of gigs to promote the single including a London headline launch party at 93 Feet East with The Playground on the 1st October. Our live show is probably our best asset, so we really want to get out there and for people to see us as much as possible. We’re blogging a lot more, and we’ve got lots of interesting material coming up online over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that We’ve recorded an official video for our B-side, ‘Circles’, which is looking great.

You are releasing on Label Fandango, how have you found that? Is it different given their kinda unique ways of production and promotion?

– It’s great, They’ve got a very unique and refreshing approach of building bands from the ground up. They also put on some of the best club nights in London under name of Club Fandango, some of which we will be playing over the next couple of months. The dates will be on our MySpace.

On your Tumblr you have spoken about recording some acoustic stuff. Do you have a preference between acoustic versions to produced versions?

– That’s right. We’re recording some acoustic videos. We’ll be recording our own songs and some covers which should be interesting. We all like acoustic music, but our sound is very much electronic so I think it’d be fair to say that we are more into the bigger electronic sound. However, it’s always good to hear an acoustic version of a song.

I hear there is a new video in the offing, what’s gone in to the producing of that, any thing you want to share?

– That’s right, yes. We had a team of 30+ people working on it with a very talented camera crew and a great director called Harry Handyside. I won’t say much other than there’s lots of smoke and slow-motion. We’re all very excited about it.

On the subject of videos, that’s quite an impressive Line Rider track, forgive me but quite how much spare time do you guys have on your hands?!

–  Haha, clearly too much…..

You’ve already played some festivals such as The Isle of Wight, and your set was pretty awesome might I add. Are live performances important to you?

– Thank you very much. Yes, live performances are massively important to us. It’s the best way to connect with an audience. Our live performances are quite different to our recordings so far in that they’re quite dark and ambient. We like to think that we deliver very energetic and exciting performances.

You are soon to be setting off on tour. Do you yourselves know where you’re heading? Any chance of hitting up Brighton?

– We do indeed. We’re booking up dates as we speak. There are already a few up on the Myspace, but there will be plenty more coming. And yes, we will almost certainly be coming to Brighton.

You guys seem to be very friendly with The Stowaways (or it seems from your sites). Is that through music or old friends etc? Any collaborations to look forward to?

– We’ve always been good friends with Rudi from the Stowaways. In fact, he is currently storing a full Marshall stack in our downstairs toilet. How kind.

Epic pop does seem to capture the nature of your sound. Is there more on offer? Saving something I’m sure for an album? Is there to be an album?

– Yes an album is definitely on the agenda. All the songs are in place. You could describe our sound as epic pop, however there is a much more dark and mysterious side to our sound that will hopefully become more apparent in our next recordings and in the album.

Lastly but not least, can you just let us in on who you feel musically has influenced you?

– Our biggest influence is probably Radiohead. We’re also big fans of Miike Snow, Bloc Party (Silent Alarm), The Beatles, Yann Tiersen and Jaga Jazzist, to name but a few.

Their debut single ‘Actions’ is set to be released this October from Label Fandango, the B-side will be called ‘Circles’.

Let’s hope that Films of Colour are taking action, not just going round in Circles… See what I did there? Wow.

Visit them on their Website, MySpace, Blog, Facebook or Twitter!

Just a little taster:

Ooh and here’s the brilliant Line Rider track, i mean seriously, that is amazing.

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