NME Breakthrough has a winner!

NME Breakthrough was a competition to weed out the latest and greatest in music this summer. The shortlist was announced on the 18th of August and is available HERE (this is the longlist but meh, more music for you!). Well by the 30th the public had spoken and The ABC Club was announced the winner.

This win involves being able to play at The Koko Club in London as well as get a feature in NME and an EP made. A pretty handy win for them then!

The now indie darlings have a nice array of tunes starting with their single ‘Thieving Magpies’. The genre shifts and twists and turn make for some pretty exciting stuff as well as sounding pretty damn complex at time. Damn Math Rock would get the fret boards smokin’. The singers voice could probably not sound more like superstar Julian Casablancas though. That’s not neccessarily a bad thing, just seems to me that it could be slightly contrived.

Another shout out would have to partial runners up Loose Talk Costs Lives who’s energetic mis match of pretty much every aspect of the indie kingdom has got them giving the public just what they want. They are about to tour with Fools Gold and would definitely be worth watching.

That was then, congratulations ABC Club, now it’s time to find some more unsigned talent hmm.

If you do have an interest in finding diamonds in the music rough then i couldn’t recommend NME Breakthrough more as a place to start!

The ABC Club  –  Thieving Magpie

Loose Talk Costs Lives  –  Wreck Ashore