A round up, a catch up

There’s not even an excuse I can throw out as to why I haven’t yet thrown these songs at you. Literally just a case of too much buzzing around and me being far too lazy to put it all out there. Some of these you may have already seen on other blogs, i haven’t checked, it doesn’t stop them being absolute corkers though. I’ma jump straight in then.

David’s Lyre, if you have been with us since the start you may have heard his name before (here). Seemingly a man of many talents and non too proud of anyone. A love of guitars, remixes and venetian masks he really is a bit of an interesting character. His first single was released today and is really worth snapping up! The single is called ‘Tear Them Down’ is a poetic gambit that revolves heavily on the crazy beats put together and great guitar play. I am unaware of any recently deceased members of the monarchy so this is either a format for his patriotism or there’s another meaning there. I doubt it’s complete ramblings though.

Here’s a rip of a live recording, if you like it, support him and buy the single! Then go to the old article in the catacombs of this blog and download some more stuff there!

Tear Them Down (Live)  –  David’s Lyre


The Vaccines

The Vaccines are next up. Apparently the worst secret in London’s indie scene. Formed by acoustic lad turn Rock & Rolla Jay Jay Pistolet and Tom from the Horrors little brother Freddie. Certainly got a nice musical background then. The version of this song I first got didn’t have a name, apparently this was deliberate to stall the hype. Sounds like rubbish to me but do not worry, it’s all changed here. You could say that it just a straight up Rock & Roll tune but I think you could be missing the magic. It’s got that same taste of lo fi beachyness that the summer was full of. What a nice end to it then.

If You Wanna  –  The Vaccines

Domeflow is the name of the solo project of Ethan Pilch. I must admit it took a few listens to see what it’s all about, the mixture of genres rolled out


over deep south guitar is just so interesting that to digest I really, really, listened to it. In fairness I first compared it to Cage The Elephant and I guess I still would. The crazy funk/blues guitar and off beat drums, coupled with part rap part blues vocals has certainly made this one you would keep listening too. The religious lyrics are also pretty swish given the genres of the piece. His EP is out soon so tune in for more!

Sins  –  Domeflow

Finally I have come to The Gentle Guest. I didn’t much warm to them at first, it seemed just a bit too country/rustic. Very wrong, it’s almost like gypsy rock. A raucous jaunty tunes with faster banjos than you aint never heard (seriously, their hands must be DEAD). Imagine a country singer, dungarees and a novel piece of corn to chew on. Now give that same country singer a proper pair of jeans, a cigarette and that is how this sounds. The song itself never really slows and is directed by the vocals. It is definitely a single though, from listening to their older material it is somewhat calmer! A great listen though, let it grow on you.

Judgement  –  The Gentle Guest

You’ve probably seen it but here is a link to the most interesting music video ever. Ever ever. It works best on Google Chrome but also in Safari and Firefox i’m told. Trust Arcade Fire to come up with another viral sensation. It is top stuff though. It’s also a jab at Microsoft showing the benefits of HTML5, apples new format to combat Flash. It seems they have a point.


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