I’ve been buzzing for the last week or so for this, the stupidly talented Grum took time out of his busy schedule right after Electric Zoo festival to chat to us here at Hey Man Check My Band!
Grum is a northern based DJ/Producer who came to light in 2009 with such bangers as heartbeats, and more recently remixing band such as Everything Everything, a firm favourite here on hey man check my band.
  • First of all, you’ve had a busy year with your album release, congratulations on that, it’s a great listen! Had you been working on it for a while? because I noticed your earlier releases weren’t on there?!

Thanks!  I had been working on it for a while.  Touring and remixing tended to take precedence while I was trying to build up my name so I had to work on the album when I had time…obviously that’s not the ideal way to work but just how it happened.  The only single that didn’t make the album was Sound Reaction due to some publishing issues with the sample in it…I think it sounds kinda dated now anyway so wasn’t too fussed about that.

  • Have you been busy this summer with any festivals? if so which was your favorite one to play at?

I managed to play a few festivals this year…Rockness in Scotland, Creamfields, and last night I just played Electric Zoo in New York.  I have to say the New York show was great and is probably my favourite.

  • As for production, what kind of software do you use? Where abouts did you aquire the skills of production?

The production thing is wholly self-taught.  I think the best way to learn is to just sit down with your sequencer and keep on making music till you come up with something cool.  I use Logic plus a mixture of plug-ins and softsynths.  I find with using hardware I spend more time messing around instead of actually making music, so I like to just work completely on my laptop.

  • With releases since the album such as the work With Marina and the Diamonds, are you still working on new stuff at the moment, any exciting collabs on the horizon?

Yeah since the album I’ve had lots of remix requests, which has been great.  I haven’t had so much time to work on original music but that’s something I’m keeping for album 2.   I just finished remixes for Passion Pit and Aston Shuffle, plus there’s the recent ones I did for Fenech Soler, Everything Everything and Groove Armada so there’s loads of new stuff by me around at the moment.  I’m looking at doing some production work for some different artists, including some stuff for Atlantic which I’m really excited about.

  • How would you describe your sound? The album moves from real kind of french disco to almost synth poppy stuff, it’s a real nice mixture…

I guess its similar to what you describe, a mixture of disco house, italo and soft rock.  I’ve always been conscious of not falling into the trap of making genre specific music, so I like to mix things up a bit.

  • I’ve been dying to ask you this question, the video for ‘Can’t Shake this feeling’ I can’t quite wrap my head around it, especially the end of it with the speech… Care to enlighten us?

Hahah.  Well, I didn’t actually have too much involvement in the making of the video…we kinda left it to a production company we have been working with called The General Assembly, and this is what they came back with.  I really liked the idea of doing a quirky video rather than the usual clichéd dance music thing.  It pokes fun at the whole ‘girls wearing not much clothes’ typical vids, while also being disgusting and memorable so I think it turned out pretty well.

  • I’ll finish with something a slightly more light hearted, who would you most like to play with?

I love Jacques Lu Cont’s Fabric CD, so I think playing with him under whichever one of his guises would be awesome.

  • It’s been a pleasure speaking to you, all the best!

No worries, thanks!

Take a look, more synth poppy goodness from Grum… ‘Through The Night’

Haven’t got a clue about this video either, good though.