Disco of Doom

After hearing this tune bounce off the walls and echo through my house this week whilst I’ve been trying to complete copious amounts of college work, it’s grown on me. A lot.

Disco of Doom are a UK based duo consisting of Tom Real & The Rogue Element and emerged from their monthly radio show on Samurai FM. Since then they have released a string of originals and remixes including the massive ‘Warpig’ which received praise from the likes of Fake Blood!

This track released this August contains one of the longest build-ups I think I’ve ever heard, but my God is it worth it. It is carried by a bouncy drum beat which supports the deep dark wobble-electro sound beautifully. That’s about as artistic as I can get over such a certified banger!

Here’s a little youtube clip so that you can go crazy mad for it just like we did!

Here’s one of their remixes to try out too. Have a listen and download:

If we’ve now got you completely and utterly addicted, check ’em out on their Beatports page HERE

Peace out