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Stages of Dan isn’t the most conventional name for a band. But then you could argue they aren’t a conventional band. Consisting of 4 members, with only 3 of them actually you know, playing. A bit of individuality must be a good thing though, nowadays it’s pretty easy to make you own indie band. Roll up those knackered skinny Jeans, string together some jingly jangly tunes then, finally, shorten your guitar strap so that it’s up around your chin. After all of that you’re just about there.

Don’t get me wrong, Stages of Dan is definitely an indie trio. They just don’t seem too bothered about the look and feel of it. All credit to them. They were kind enough to send myself a short bio of themselves as no amounts of googling or myspacing would bring much about them up.

I was going to try and cram in lots of little details about the band and try to give you guys a gist as to what they are about myself. But it would probably sound a hundred times better coming from the band themselves. I give you, Stages of Dan!

we all met at university up in Nottingham, Me, Big Chris, Guy and also a chap called Dan were on the same course and hung out pretty much from day one.
as time went on the 4 of us used to talk about how good it would be to be in a band. The Strokes had just released ‘Is This It’ and that was the soundtrack to our first year at uni. They were cool, seemed to always be drunk and all the girls fancied them, so naturally we wanted in on the act. We never actually formed a band at uni as none of us could play anything. We just drank lots, told everyone that we were in a band and yet still failed to impress the girls. Dan tried to grow his hair and for a while in the ‘in between stage’ he resembled pretty much every weird looking person we saw in Nottingham. we started saying ‘that weird guy over there looks like Dan! Ha, he’s a Stage of Dan!’ there were many odd people that looked like Dan at some point during his hair growing, and the saying ‘that guy looks like a Stage of Dan’ became a staple for annoying Dan.
We all graduated and eventually moved to london, i had begun playing guitar and had some solo gigs booked. It was going well… i played all over England and even got to play at the Benicassim festival in Spain by winning an acoustic battle of the bands. Guy and Big chris had spent the summers learning Drums and Bass and had joined a band too. They were good, but they split up after a year. During this time i had become pretty bored playing solo, so we all met up one day and decided to live the uni dream and start the band we always used to say we were in. The name came naturally as we reminisced about the old days and remembered the saying we always used to use to annoy Dan….Stages of Dan.
Dan was the only one who hadn’t learned an instrument but had started making music videos and short films.. he said right from the start he wanted to make all our videos.
So, the four of us were together again, in London, making music, making videos and still failing to chat up girls.

It’s all very well being able to talk the talk, but a band needs to be able to walk the walk. If I can continue with the metaphor for a few seconds more, SOD don’t walk, they run. Fast.

With that I welcome you to their brand spanking new single to soon be out under DTR records (it’s apparently also a catering business?). ‘Gary’ has just about the perfect combination of tempo, smashing chorus and cheeky melodies that if it don’t cheer you up, you aint worth cheerin’ up.

Oh, their video is absolutely brilliant too.

Have a listen to their cover of 90’s club hit ‘What Is Love’

What Is Love  –  Stages Of Dan

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