Kurran & The Wolf Notes – Interview

Kurran And The WolfnotesAs a self confessed fan of Kurran & The Wolfnotes (single review HERE) it is hard to both criticise and compliment. That isn’t what i’m here to do here though anyway. Safe to say that these guys are incroyable, the depth and breadth of their folky musings has really got me hooked. A slightly different sound to the big folksters of the moment Mumford & Sons, slightly less banjo, and way more catchiness. Joking aside though, Your Four Limbs hasn’t yet left my head!

I was lucky enough to have a chat with lead singer Kurran about the band and where they are heading. I even learnt what a wolf note is. Maybe I should have known beforehand. Hmm…

So Kurran & The Wolf Notes, to start things off, can you please share with us who play what?

Kurran(lead vocal/guitar) Tim (lead guitar/vocals) Ben (bass) Chris (drums/vocals)

I think it’s always interesting to know how a band came together, could you enlighten us with how you guys began?

Well, none of us are originally from London. Tim grew up just outside, but the rest of us are from all over the place. We all got to London in different bands but quit those to form this one. I met Chris through playing in other bands in London. Ben replied to a wanted ad and I met Tim through friends and poached him from the metal band he was in.

I heard you say in an interview that you would like to build a steady fan base and release two or three albums, without wishing to point out the obvious, you haven’t released one yet! How long do we have to wait?!

Haha yeah. Maybe jumping the gun a little, I’m sure the question was something to the tune of ‘where do you see yourself in a five years’ or ten years depending on the interview. We are finally going to have the first record done by the end of the year, probably set for release early next year. I don’t think anyone is itching for it to be finished more than us.

Your Four Limbs is a very different song to Whatabitch, is this your sound maturing? or merely adding to your repertoire?

‘Your Four Limbs’ was the first wolfnotes song. But when it came time to put out our first single, before we’d even chosen a song, our management at the time were preparing us for how little impact the song would have. So we thought fuck it. If its not going to get on the radio anyway, lets just put out the one song that has a swear word in the title.

A great strategy!

You’ve toured with Lightspeed Champion and The Kissaway Trail. Were they different experiences? Did you, in retrospect, prefer one tour to the other?

Yeah they couldn’t have been more different. Dev and I are friends from the test icicles days and we used to play each other folk songs. It was funny to get to hang out again still playing songs but now people were there watching. Way more exciting this way round. The Kissaway Trail tour was good fun too, we spent most of our time hanging out with Tripwires, who are sick! and awesome guys. We didn’t really talk much to the Kissaway Trail except for when their drummer squared up to me because I wanted to know why they pulled us off stage after 3 songs in Newcastle. He wasn’t too friendly, but atleast he spoke to me.

Your sound is very uplifiting, a great attribute! Do you focus on the emotions invoked by your music?

Not intentionally. Most of the music that we like is emotional and honest so that’s what we do. I think that’s how the best music is made. I could be wrong though.

How do you go about writing a song? Is it a group activity?

Some songs are more group written than others. Musically we chop and change sections between songs all the time. It’ll be interesting to see how they end up when we do the record.

On the subject of writing songs, are practices spontaneous or do you set times each week?

Tim, Ben and I all live together so we jam pretty much everyday, and Chris sleeps here for half the week, then we jam some more.

For fledgling bands trying to get their name out there, and advice you care to share?

Write good songs, learn to record them yourselves and play them fucking tight every time you play them anywhere.

As a band, what has been your greatest challenge so far?

If I’m being totally honest, paying the rent.

You’ve probably been asked a million times before, but where does the name Kurran & The Wolfnotes come from?

You get a wolfnote on stringed instruments its a point on the string that howls if you catch it. I wish i knew why we chose it, but I think it just felt right on the day we thought of it and that was it. Any band that say any different are lying.

Last but definitely not least… Mac or PC?

Mac, but I’m starting to wish there was another option.

Cheers and good luck with everything. Your Four Limbs is incredible.

Thanks so much.

You can also take a look at their Twitter, Facebook, Myspace & Youtube accounts!

Have a listen to a live version of their lovely new tune ‘Your Four Limbs’ here: vimeo