Ra Ra Riot – Day Trotter

Ra Ra Riot have once again been welcomed by the brilliant people over at DayTrotter for another session. By my count that means they have had 3 sessions in 2 albums. Not bad going. The indie bench mark that is a Daytrotter session is very well suited to the New York groups curious and intriguing set up. The cello and violin are fare more prominent in this stripped down session, that of course, can only be a good thing. I guess it’s a personal preference, but I can’t help but find stripped down recordings need to bring something else to the table in their sound to be worth listening too. Ra Ra Riot have this in spades.

Don’t you just love these little drawings?

In the wakes of their new release ‘The Orchard’ this session gives a great insight into the beauty and craftsmanship of these songs. Often production can take this from a band without a moments notice and this, sadly, seems especially true here. It feels to me that after hearing this stripped down recording, the album isn’t quite the same. The intricacies and delicateness of the flute, cello and violin creep through into a really really  awesome recording. Now, I guess this is both a compliment to the band and a jibe at labels. Just let them do their own thing yeah?

Oh and if you aren’t used to the Daytrotter format, the whole session is free for all you Ra Ra Riot fanatics out there…

Cheekily I have put up the Daytrotter version of ‘Boy’ up, if you like it. head on over to Daytrotter on the link below. Go onn


Boy  –  Ra Ra Riot