Good evening boys and girls, I have with me 4 song of such grandeur and brilliance you are more likely to pass out from excitement than hear them through to the end. They will have you gasping (and gagging) for more. With my penchant for hyperbole satiated, I hereby give you some top MPFrees to savour:

Big Wave Riders

Off to a flying start with ‘Big Sound’ by Big Wave Riders. Now, I was curious about these guys. At first, it just seemed that they were another ‘surf rock’ band with a name laden with beachy connotations. This may be partially true, but they can’t half write a song. They have the whole masked vocal thing that The Strokes had going, it’s like it is behind the music. No idea what it is or what i’m even talking about really. It is a really good though!

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bigwaveridersband

Big Sound  –  Big Wave Riders

The next to greet your ears is a sugar coated White Stripes cover. Seven Nation Army, the famous riff that 90’s kids hold so dear is shown in a new light by ‘Ben, the Uncle of Soul’ that’s a translation by the way, from what i can find Ben l’oncle Soul is a french man (no shit sherlock) with a hunger for funk and soul. With the coolest of croons and swagger this guy is a walkin’ talkin’ cliche. But i’m pretty sure he can pull it off. Possibly the coolest cover you’ve ever heard, just gonna put that out there. Here it is for public consumption:

Seven Nation Army  –  Ben l’Oncle Soul

He also had a pretty amazing MySpace you can see HERE.

I wouldn’t dare put this guy last, the undisputable king of music that is Kanye West performed this grand ditty at the VMA awards. There’s a bit of controversy around whether he was poking fun at himself for his naughty behaviour last year or pointing out he just don’t care. I would assume it was some sort of apology that the media could dig into. Either way it’s a great song and worth being heard. It was available as part of his G.O.O.D Friday collab with Pusha T and gets us here all jittery about his latest album! Interestingly it is also going to be the song with the longest music video ever clocking in at 40 minutes. That’s a whole minute longer than the video by previous owner big bad Michael Jackson.

Here’s the song too.

Runaway – Kanye West feat Pusha T

The last MPfree i put before you is actually not that recent, well, May of this year. What is new is the video… Adam Ficek, ex Doherty croney and member of Babyshambles has created a new video for his band Roses, Kings, Castles. One Born Every Minute is the song in question. The video is pretty basic, silouhettes, bar stools and crazy lighting. That’s all that is needed though, the mixture of interesting angles and lights is an ample supply for our senses to grab hold of. It’s a pretty interesting contrast too, the up beat nature of the song doesn’t seem to quite suit. That’s no doubt the point though, i’m not gonna start getting all poetic about it. It’s just quite a nifty video and was a lovely way to get me listening to such a great track again.

One Born Every Minute – Roses, Kings Castles