Magnetic Man

In laymen’s terms, this proposed ‘super group’ are dance music’s equivalent to the Galácticos. And their long awaited album is something to behold. With tracks such as ‘I Need Air’ and ‘Perfect Stranger’ featuring the freshest in lyrical talent splashed all over prime-time radio, and three pioneering Dubstep producers providing the melodies it’s no surprise this trio have gone massive.

Magnetic Man are Skream, Benga and Artwork and their album is set for release on the 11th October, and my God is it worth a purchase! The album is a blend of lyrical, melodical and downright dirty as dog muck Dubstep. It also has splashes of pure brilliance such as ‘Flying Into Tokyo’ pretty sure it’s caused me to shed a tear upon listening to it every time. I think i’m now on my 12th.

Moving through to the more vocal tracks ‘Crossover’ and ‘Fire’ featuring Katy B and Ms Dynamite respectively. Then onto the more underground tunes like ‘The Bug’ and ‘K Dance’.

I’d like to pick out a couple of tracks for a special mention (this decision has to be one of the hardest I’ve made. Ever). So here it goes.. One that particularly grabbed my attention and is mentioned earlier on is ‘The Bug’. I’ve been debating this track ever since my first listen, the vocals are slightly disturbing and have caused the most uproar between me and friends, once you look past those though this down and dirty underground tune is DEFINITELY not one to be looked passed, it’s utterly mesmerising wobble driven home by a crackling chorus makes it worth a listen.. or seven. Another nugget of awesomeness from the album would have to be ‘Fire’ feat. Ms Dynamite, anthem is the word that immediately springs to mind, as ever Dynamite smashes it injecting loads of energy with killer vocals over a real driving bass line. And finally I’d thought I’d mention the breath taking, spine chilling, orchestral piece of music that is ‘Flying Into Tokyo’ this simple string piece is joy to the ears and should be the soundtrack to any epic life moment… This has to be the one of the biggest albums of the year, breaking new ground and bringing such an underground genre into the mainstream, I love it! That is all.

I will be seeing Magnetic Man come November so a review of their live show will be up nice and promptly afterwards.

Peace out,