The 5 lovely boys and gals above are part of a great, promising and uplifting band that go by the name of Bordeauxxx. Meeting at Surrey uni whilst studying music they began to throw together some tracks and ditties together in their spare time. Apparently they started out as a bit of an 80’s throwback band, well i’m glad that all changed, Mothers Ruin is a brilliant and massively exciting EP from a new and even more exciting band.

Imagine a stripped down Los Campesinos! without all 16 members or however many they have. Or even my beloved Johnny Foreigner without the anger and Brummy accents. A new member of the indie/twee core/alternative/*insert genre here* selection of bands. That’s just brilliant for me, I really digg that kinda music.

You do get the sense that there is more to Bordeauxxx though, whilst remaining modest and bashful within song, there are layers of complexity and interest wherever you strive to hear them. They are well implemented and not too distracting though. Clearly their musical qualifications are not wasted! Mothers Ruins with its querky twist on an already great sound is as refreshing as Colgate. It honestly does leave you pining for more, that’s not just me rambling to fill up word space, I REALLY want to hear some more. So I guess, all in all, Mothers Ruin EP was a great treat that lay waiting for me in my inbox, consider me hooked. And also luckily for you readers out there, it’s free on their Bandcamp. So go forth and enjoy, you won’t regret it.


As far as getting to see them live they have got some gigs booked and ready to go, they also actually played at Leefest but to my shame I completely missed them! Gigs are as follows:

Backline, Guildford   –  5th October

Surrey SU  –  7th October

Proud Galleries, London   –  8th November

If you want to hear a teaser from the affable Bordeauxxx then here is their headline track, Mothers Ruin.

Mothers Ruin  –  Bordeauxxx