Meet Live Like Lions

Some electro goodness for you today. Live Like Lions are a perrty London band of the electro/indie ilk. They look and sound the business and are currently galavanting around Britain with the awesome Little Comets. Live Like Lions have got a new single ready lift off on the 8th November. The song in question, Cecile, is a well crafted track led by some strong electro beats and crafty lyrics. They sound a bit like Reverend & The Makers but with another 6 synthesisers on board. After all, everybody loves synth…

My scepticism stops there though cause this is a class little tune. No idea how much of an impact on the mainstream it will make right now, but if you do hear it, there’s no doubt it’ll be stuck in your grey matter for the next few hours. Correct me if i’m wrong but there hasn’t been a remix of Cecile yet. In the right hands I reckon Cecile could be a massive club hit, seems to have the right feel to it. I’ll stop there though, unlike about 80% of the Mp3 blog population I am no DJ so dare not say anymore!

Good song, promising band. Check out the video and soundcloud below. The video is err, interesting.