The story of a Michael Schafer Performance on a Tall Ship with Mr Physix

Been a while since we last spoke. By spoke i guess I mean read, you get the gist. Luckily enough for all our canny readers though there are some bits and bobs that we’re just dying to share. Scroll down for some more music to brighten up your week:

The first act of the night is called Michael Schafer and he delivers lovely acoustic music with some really uplifting qualities. Try to think of it as an aural antidepressant. To compare I guess he’s a kind of like a Jack Johnson with a bit more meaning a few less banana pancakes. Obviously you could also compare him to every other decent singer/songwriter out there too. Apparently he ‘only’ recorded it on his lowly Macbook, I wouldn’t worry it sounds great. However if it can sound this good then someone get this guy some studio time and see what pops out then.  Big things to come? Maybe, maybe not. Good music to come? Most definitely.

March 13  –  Michael Schafer

Next is a remix of Boney M’s Gotta Go Home. A serious beat and feel good nature has got this one sailing straight into my little list of complete remix bangers. Credit where credit’s due, I found this on ‘My Band’s Better Than Your Band‘. Big thanks to Ollie there for trawling through Soundcloud for this little gem.

Gotta Go Home  (Mr Physix Remix)  –  Boney M





I’ve also had some lovely stuff sent over from a band called Performance. Now, when this stuff was sent over, I thought i’d hear of Joe Stretch, the lead singer. When in the very next sentence it said that he was an author it all kind of clicked. Incredibly, I have actually read Mr Stretch’s first book Friction! It seems from Performances press release that Joe has gone on to write some more books. If you’re feeling that this blog doesn’t satiate your lust for literature, which it shouldn’t. Then why not give them a try.

Back to the music… Performance don’t really break the mould. The do write some good songs though, they have that electronic/guitary thing going on again, not a bad sound at all. The unconsoled is the name of their single, and it certainly does fit the bill. Full to the gunnels with cathcy riffs, build ups aplenty and an addictive chorus, it will be one to stay on your 25 most played playlist for the forseeable future.

Here’s a soundcloud embed:

Just before everybody is left to sample the tunes all up, here’s one more treat to delight the senses. Brighton Lads Tall Ships are soon to release their new EP ‘There Is Nothing Like Chemistry’. We are big fans of Mathcore loveliness here and this stuff goes down a treat. Make sure you check it out…

Chemistry  –  Tall Ships