The YoungHearts are back…

A few years ago I heard a demo from a band known as the Younghearts, their demo song wasn’t famous, nor was it new . It was however bloody good. ‘Billy’s Ballad’, the song in question was a gorgeous acoustic led ballad (hence the name) sung with emotion and aplomb. From what little I heard, it was clear that lead Joe Fox had the same charisma and romanticism attributed to realities own tragic hero, the pied piper of Bethnal Green, Mr Doherty. A tantalising and exciting prospect. Then suddenly, I have no idea what happened, and I wish I did, the Younghearts ceased to exist. Their Myspace took on the title ‘Younghearts RIP’ and they seemed to be out of business. From a lucky reminiscent visit to their facebook page however, they seem to up and running again! Sadly all their old music has been deleted from their MySpace, but they have two new songs and youtube videos with bundled download links. The songs themselves named ‘Drink Repeat Cycle’ and ‘White Letter’ show a new direction for the band. You get the feeling from it that they are set on doing something with their talents this time around, the introduction of new drummer Erik Antoine this year has clearly been a massive positive for the guys.

Whether to kick start themselves again, or just the first time they have bothered to make anything public, they are playing at one of London’s current hot spot and hipster hang, The Silver Bullet. Make sure if you can get there on the 31st if you can, no doubt you won’t regret it!

So let’s all rejoice, the Younghearts are back, London indie can breath a sigh of relief.

Here’s a taster of years past:

Billy’s Ballad – Younghearts

And here’s a taster of years to come:

White Letter – Younghearts