Have You Got A Face Like A Bag Of Smashed Twats? (High Rankin Interview)

Brighton DJ High Rankin was kind enough to answer a few questions for us whilst we all await the premiere of his new single ‘Don’t Carry On Like A Rude Boy When Daddy’s Got A Yacht’. Bit of a mouthful but i’m sure it must be a real grievance for some. For me, I don’t really like yachts, or the sea for that matter. I guess because of that it doesn’t really piss me off that much, the boat shoes quip is genius though. Once you’ve heard the song, this will all make sense…

Anyway, due to me being a bit lax as of late (apologies), I haven’t got round to putting this up as quickly as I should have. The premiere for the vid and song is later today. My bad. All is not lost though, the video isn’t out yet so it could be worse. Also High Rankin was of course, as always, a pleasure to talk to. Check out what he had to say below…


It seems you’ve been quite busy with your new single ‘Don’t Carry On Like A Rude Boy When Daddy’s Got A Yacht’. You’ve done a behind the scenes vid (will be at the bottom) but can you just briefly explain what exactly you have going on in the video?
Absolutely not. No way. Nope. Uh uh. Na.
It’s fair to say there is a novel side to lots of the music you make. Do you intentionally take the piss out of all things in fashion, or do you just generally hate things?

A subtle blend of both, I think. I hate a lot of things, that’s for sure. People mainly. I’ve never been one of the cool kids or at least a person that thinks they are cool, so I like to have a little poke at those that do.
Have you got any new songs or remixes we can look forward to?
I’m currently working on a song called ‘Punch You In The Face’. It’s a love song.
Brighton is blowing up a bit at the moment, how are you finding the scene?
Teaming with gash and kids on drugs. My kind of scene, to be honest.

I guess it’s one of those questions that must be answered one way to look cool, do you rely on pre planned sets with room for a bit of change, or choose depending on how you feel on the night?
I’ve not owned a set of CDJ’s or decks for about 5 years so I don’t ever practice. I kind of just do what I feel on the night. I have a few little routines that I know work well but most of the mixing is off the cuff. The drinking, shouting and taking off of clothes however is militantly scripted.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at an event? Be brutally honest please…

Thought this might get your attention 😉

I killed a man (just to watch him die)

All time classic, what was the first album you bought?

The first CD album I bought was OK Computer by Radiohead. Spent a lot of time in my bedroom listening to that and generally acting a bit weird round the house afterwards.

It says on your site you became a DJ because it was an easy way to get girls. In retrospect, would you recommend DJing as a way to pull?
Yes. Yes, I would. Although if you happen to be cursed with a face like a bag of smashed twats I would recommend comedy as a better route for getting chicks. But if you are as drop dead gorgeous as I am, being a DJ is a guaranteed winner.
Suicide Dub is one of your projects, how did that come about?
It was a way for me to get out of the drum and bass scene and into the dubstep/rave/140bpm scene. I was taking a bit of a risk and was potentially career suicide, hence ‘Suicide’ Dub.
A quick technical question, what software do you use for the production of your songs?

I use a combination of Fruity Loops, NI Massive, TRacks and a child labour camp.

And a few quick questions to fill up the word count…

Twitter of Facebook?
Different platforms for different banter. They are like kids, I couldn’t pick one.

Bitches or Bling?

Blackberry or iPhone?
HTC is the way forward. I can download a zip off Sendspace, unzip it, play the tracks, move them into a different folder, zip them up again and email them all on the phone. Or plug it into a computer and take them off.  WIN.

Meow or coke?
Are you on fucking meow or something? Take a wild guess.

For a grand finale, who would you cite as your influences?
Being bullied at school, the section on the A23 between Henfield and Brighton and this girl I went to infant school called Juliet who’s surname I can’t remember so I can’t find her on Facebook 😦
Not much more to say than that, here’s a lovely Soundcloud embed teaser (it isn’t the whole song) and a beatports link. If you like the embed, buy the song using the link, simples?

High Rankin: Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Beatport, Soundcloud