Quick Little Magnetic Man Review…

So, it’s taken me a week to remember what happened last Tuesday. In between getting chucked out the Concorde as some coked-up nob tried to start on me, and getting in a post McDonalds car chase I’ve just about got there…

The night was one of uncertainty, that was both wondering if I’d make it there without passing out, and because I had no Idea what form the gig would take, who would support? Would they just play songs from the album? Man did they show how it was done… Katy B was on support and absolutely smashed it! Playing her single’s ‘Louder’, ‘Lights On’ and ‘Katy On A Mission’ and more. Then came Magnetic Man, I’d only read about how they went about doing there live show, three laptops, each taking different sections of the songs, sounds mundane.. But upon arrival on stage the atmosphere was electric, they started with the massive ‘Anthemic’ gracefully switching between live remixes of album songs and Skream and Benga’s work. The last two songs were  with Katy B, ‘Crossover’ and then ‘Perfect Stranger’ which set the place alight!

All in all the night could have only been made better if I had of got 20 chicken nuggets instead of 6.

Peace out,


Crossover (Ft. Katy B) – Magnetic Man