So f***ing lazy!

8 days! that’s how long i’ve been moping around, attempting to come up with an end of year playlist (watch this space) and just generally focusing a particular flavour of hatred towards a certain someone *insert messy break up story here*. But now we’r back. Amidst the hubbub, the HMCMB inbox was receiving recommendations left, right and centre. A lovely side effect of the chart-topping success of our interview with the friendly and talented rapping sensation Hoodie Allen. That could give us months of lovely new bands to talk to you about.. Or we could just pick the creme de la creme and cram them into one super post in a bid for forgiveness from our loyal subjects. Music has been a great pick me up for me recently, i hope some of these tunes can have a similar effect on you guys!


Rapper/producer  e-dubble is quite a talent. His freestyle Friday songs have been a regular source of catchy, flowy as hell quality. He’s up to #44 now, an impressive feat. This is more of an ‘introducing’ than pointing out his new song, however ‘No Brakes’ is a serious old school tune. I’ll try to keep you guys up to date with e-dubble, a serious talent for the future. If there’s any justice. Here’s his new song as well 2 personal favourites!

No Brakes – e-dubble

Animal – e-dubble

Support Group – e-dubble


Big Deal

An interesting contrast from the above, new to the scene lo-fi folk duo Big Deal have released their debut single ‘Homework’. A beautifully woven tale of lost innocence, their mantra ‘We are kind of a bid deal’ seems pretty justified, file this one under 2011 one to watch.

Check it out here:

And here’s a little something to take home with you…

Locked Up – Big Deal

A bit of local talent is always a treat. The Gaa Gaa’s, A post-punk meets electro combo hailing originally from Jersey but swiftly moving to Brighton (it counts!) are another such example. An eery driving synth and up tempo beat set their new single ‘Voltaire’ apart, i just can’t get enough of them at the moment, they kinda sound like the Dead Kids if I had to label. Will have to see them live at some point!

Back to basics now, some classic indie pop up next. This sort of music was pretty much my bread & butter a few years ago. The Enemy, Answering Machine, General Fiasco, New Cassettes, Dead World Leaders etc… if the list hasn’t gone on long enough already, there’s plenty more. Man, i f***ing loved all that stuff, still got a soft spot for it now really. Hipster 20 somethings with a couple of guitars, pointy shoes, leather jackets and a couple of beers, just having a go at the whole music thing, it’s easier than A-Levels right? Sometimes it pays off, a la all the aforementioned bands and these new fella’s Wheels. It’s got that kind of sound that you know in a dodgy pub or venue would sound overdrivey and mental, whilst still being easy to maintain if they ever got to arenas etc. Such an easy mix, but such a classic. Plenty of twang, overdrive and roaring choruses, all hail Indie Rock – keeping teenagers happy since forever.

Wheels  –  Feel Like Me

Wold Parade

The golden rule we now try to stick to on HMCMB is 3 bands to a post. Well, we were away for 8 days, have some more. This wasn’t so much sent to us as recommended by a member of our beloved Bravestation. Now, Wolf Parade, apparently they aren’t small. I’d never heard of them, but they have 3 albums out, something must be going right there then. Ghost Pressure, a song from their June of this year album ‘Expo 86’ was just such a banger it deserved to get a mention.

Ghost Pressure – Wolf Parade

I’m not nearly through chatting about all the incredible tunes that have invaded my inbox recently, but here were definitely some of the favourites. Stay tuned for some more amazing-ness soon.

So things got pretty shitty at HMCMB, now we back. Odd that this seemed to have quite a cathartic effect, i’ma go play COD and drink beer to regain some man points, peace and love.

*Currently skanking to some e-dubble, ahh yeahhh*