ONLY 20.

Only 20

Here’s my friend David Brownings, a truly talented artist and a fantastic personality. This is his new website site Only 20, selling limited run T-shirts of which there are only 20, clever eh? There’s a heavy focus on the artistic merit and exclusivity of each Tee. The clothing will be synonymous with good design and quality textiles… So pop over to and check the swagga!

I thought I’d keep with the theme of the blog and ask Dave some questions.

1) What’s your favorite tune at the moment?
Shy FX – Raver (feat. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor)
2) Favorite band/DJ/Producer?
Fall Out Boy (Always have been, all ways will be and I dont care what you think, they are amazing to sing along to.)
3) Favorite genre of music?
Rock/Hip Hop/Dance Hall if there is a genre that encompasses all of that, then I like that one!

Just as an added bonus boys and girls, here’s a new BEP tune. Pretty tidy I must say.

Black Eyed Peas – Someday

Peace out,