Friday Freestylin’ e-dubble

It’s a Friday (time of publishing, its now a Saturday, FML), which means that Baltimore rapper extraordinaire has released his next Friday Freestyle tune. This is his 45th freestyle Friday, a fairly monumental undertaking. We only jumped on the e-dubble bandwagon a few weeks ago here at HMCMB, which is both a good and bad thing. Obviously, it shows we were a bit lax on our part for not picking up such talent earlier! However, it has meant we have had a huge back catalogue to peer through and enjoy all at once, something we have really REALLY enjoyed doing. His new tune, ‘Palm Trees’ is utilising a great Billy Joel sample. Yeah, a great Billy Joel sample, who knew it was possible.. Have a listen below

Palm Trees – e-dubble

Oh, he’s also pretty keen for you to follow him on Twitter and Facebook too…

I thought there was also a chance I could use this post to explain what exactly is going on at Hey Man, Check My Band.. It’s been pretty hectic at the moment. Since getting on Hypem and managing to snag several places in the most popular chart, including #1 and #2, we’ve been getting a lot more recognition. That’s great, we now have a lot more music to bring to you, from different corners of the world, and that you (or we) have never ever heard of. Happy times! We also have a ‘songs of 2010’ playlist out soon. A lot of work has gone into this including some artwork from a good friend of ours Josh Tomlinson, it will be available as a free download soon so keep your eyes peeled! Lots of interviews, posts, and downloads of course coming in the next few months too. I just hope you’re as excited as we are for what 2011 will bring. Is it too early to start speaking about 2011?! Maybe, but we just cannot wait!