Hustle. A term mainly associated with the bigger hip hop blogs, to up your views, you gotta up your hustle. A G.O.O.D Friday comes out, if you didn’t post it that day, or heck, within the hour then ‘maaannn get yo’ hustle up’. Indie blogs – that reluctantly we would have to label ourselves as – supposedly are meant to take more time to construct thoughtful and well written articles (eek). Well, i’m pretty sure hustle still applies to us, and FILMS are a prime example of just why that is. A bloggers email inbox is a bit of a minefield. Without being too cynical you can generally look through your inbox and see ‘generic indie band’, ‘remix’, ‘remix’, ‘random death metal’, ‘brilliant artist’, and repeat. Now, it does mean there is always stuff to post, but the real quality acts are few and far between. FILMS are without doubt a true diamond in the rough. I needed to get my hustle on. As soon as I got their email, and quickly responded to find out a little bit more and to get my hands on a download link, I then left it to post a bit later. The very next day, ‘The Recommender‘ blog has already posted it! Credit to them, it’s without doubt one of my favourite blogs to read and be inspired by, but geez when you find a band like FILMS it was annoying. So yeah, Recommender i tip my cap to you, try and save some for the rest of us though ehh?

So the meat and potatoes of this article was meant to be about the brilliant FILMS (though that seems to have not happened), a Leeds based act who class their music a ‘jump folk’. A genre consisting of various electronica, folk, hip hop and indie influences. I think it may catch on… Musically, they are superb, interesting melodies, a cohesive and uplifting sound. What really sets them apart is the lead singers voice (sorry I don’t know the name, please someone fill me in!). A truly truly unique voice, a rich mixture of mumbling and song that sticks to their folk root whilst playing around with other influences, but that’s really not doing it justice, give it a listen, you won’t regret it…

Their first official single “Breezeblocks” is to be released early next year, but have a listen to the early version, as well as one of their other great tracks ‘Matilda’ supposedly based on the dyings gasps of Jean Reno in classic assassin flick Leon.
Breezeblocks – FILMS

Matilda – FILMS