Musical News and Musical views

We seem to constantly split our time between reporting, reviewing and scouring the web for new artists (or the inbox). A catch up of music-related news seemed in order… A lot of stuff had been piling up, gagging to get posted on, laziness is an issue of increasing severity currently.

Oberhofer, a band you may be familiar if have been a HMCMB fan from the start may remember. The musings of Brad Oberhofer have finally found their way onto Daytrotter! A very promising experience for any artists attempting to get heard! It’s been recorded as part of the Pop Montreal coverage Daytrotter supplied. It’s still pretty convincing that ‘AWAY FRM U’ is their strongest track, but it’s great to hear some other less well known material. Cannot wait for an EP to really enjoy now.


AWY FRM U – Oberhofer

The Little Comets, A jordie 4 piece with a passion for hectic vocals and sharp, clean guitar are set to release their new album early next year! They had some trouble earlier in the year and left Columbia, their previous label, great to see they’re back on track. Have a little listen and see what you think…

Friday Dont Need It – Little Comets

Joanna – Little Comets

Sean Redmond, a great singer/song writer whose album came out earlier last year has just got around to getting some orchestrated versions of his tracks out for public consumption. His emotional classic ‘Our Love is overrated’ has been wonderfully re-imagined with the help of an orchestra in Amsterdam. The product ‘Our Love Is Orchestrated’ really really works, a very exciting prospect. Apparently it’s set to be a side track for his new album out in the new year, keep your eyes peeled.

A lot of people (me included really) think you shouldn’t own a Twitter account if you don’t follow Stephen Fry, they should make him the ‘Tom’ of Twitter… Anyhow, a recent tweet covered the great Cosmo Jarvis and his anti-homophobia ditty ‘Gay Pirates’. It’s received some SERIOUS media coverage and the youtube video (below) has really blown up, good to hear. My only real beef with the coverage it is getting is the attention paid to the lyrics. Yeah, they are sharp, have a real message and are a massive contrast to the feel of the song, but are they really inspirational? Maybe i shouldn’t laugh at the use of ‘gang rape’ in a song. Seemed pretty funny to me though.. Tis a great tune though, not for a minute taking away from that.

And lastly, to get everybody in even more of a christmas spirit than they are already… no me neither. Anyway, Johnny Foreigner have just released a new christmas song, can’t quite see how Christmas related it really is, but anything Jo’Fo is an instant yes with us. It’s up for free download, and in the words of them themselves ‘here is our christmas hit single, we made it literally just now today and you can download it for free. god, it’s not like we need money or anything.’

With that i bid you adieu. Keep your eyes peeled (again) for the Songs of 2010 compilations that are coming soon. Exciting times!