Ellie Goulding & Matthew Spear

I’ve been sitting here for some time now, struggling over the wording for my debut post and truth be told, I’m getting nowhere fast so I’ve decided to succumb to one of life’s great adages: keep things simple.

I figure a music blog is all about the music so I reckon it’s best to let that do the talking, although in this case it more hums than talks. To cut to the chase, the other day we received an email from a guy by the name of Matthew Spear linking us to his remix of Ellie Gouldings “Your Song” . He had tagged it as a dubstep remix but I wasn’t sure just quite where on the dub scale it was going to fall, subtle minamilism, grating wobble or somewhere in the middle?

Well Matthew decided to stick to the aforementioned adage and keep things simple and man was that, in the words of Fosters, a good call. In fact the opening is so understated that you could be forgiven for thinking it was the original track, but then you catch that melodic building beat in the background and think, hang on a sec this is good, really good. That mellowness continues throughout with the subtlest of tweaks coming in at what seems to be just the right time.

For me this is a fantastic remix, no it doesn’t turn the original into a massive club banger but instead builds upon it with subtlety and skill creating a genuineley enjoyable and pleasing listening experience.  I for one am excited to see what more is on offer from Matthew and long may dub’s minimal phase continue!

Your Song (Matthew Spear Remix) – Ellie Goulding