It’s amazing how a dusting of the white stuff manages to cause the whole of Britain to grind to a halt, transport just doesn’t happen and with that nor does anything else. Now don’t get me wrong, in term time this is a definate winner, couple of days off, put your feet up, get together with a few mates get some snowball fights going on and maybe even dabble in a little NFL in the snow. When it comes in the holidays though it’s not quite as welcome, especially when you’re due to go paintballing for a mate’s birthday….

Anyways as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. On this occasion I’ve been shacked up inside all day with my recently added stuck on repeat. Every time it cycled round there was this one track that just kept catching my attention… Now I’m not gonna go for any in depth analysis here, or talk about Jessie J and her Sound of 2011 nomination, but simply leave it at this: It’s massively catchy, enjoy!

Price Tag (Feat B.O.B) – Jessie J