Meet The Savage Nomads

Photo Credit: Adrian Booth

There’s something about punk. Three Chords, a bucket of energy, a vague idea of what it is that’s currently p***ing you off and you can have a punt at setting the world alight. So if instead of using 3 chords, you take and adapt rhythms from all branches of music, and instead of a vague idea, you’ve developed an articulate way of expressing your passions and musicality. At first glance you’d think that punk and ‘articulate’ are mutually exclusive, The Savage Nomads were definitely unaware of this exclusivity when they first started thrashing around in their bedrooms.

Building a keen London following and holding down a residency at Hipster hotspot ‘12 Bar’, The Savage Nomads have been picked out by some cool characters. Even being featured in musician turned director Don Letts’ Strummerville documentary that premiered earlier this year at SXSW. Their style and reputed media coverage had to, eventually, be backed up by substance. Their debut EP ‘What The Angel Said’ shows, whatever their substance is, it sure backs up the hype.

Savage Nomads is certainly an apt name for the London 4 piece. Trawling through generations of music and genres, from hip hop to electronica, all held together by the sticky tape of their punk  heritage. They’ve somehow shown the diversity in 4 songs what could take other such acts two albums to accomplish. Never staying in one sound or niche for too long. How… nomadic.

Through the recording of their EP, The Savage Nomads have finally found where they belong. A make or break mentality and reluctance to fit a particular look or trend has provided them with a new and exciting sound. Where they will go next is anyone’s guess. Let’s just hope they stick around long enough now to release an LP we can really sink our teeth into.

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Here’s one of their most acclaimed songs to date, ‘An Empty Seat’.

What the Angel Said - EP - The Savage Nomads