City Reign – Out In The Cold

Firstly, a brisk apology, we haven’t posted in 10 days… this could be attributed to both excessive NYE hangovers and revision and exam prep for those academic hoops to jump through known as A-Levels, but that would be an excuse. A way to make up for that would be to have some sort of super massive epic post in which all of the great acts that have got in touch with us are mentioned. That doesn’t do them or us justice, so look forward to some serious posting on a variety of acts that have kicked off 2011 with a bang.

City Reign are a mean and moody Indie Rock set fresh from the currently (and arguably always) booming musical hive of Manchester. City Reign, a name that originated from a song written by  Ryan Adams ‘City Rain, City Streets’ because, and here’s the great part, it was at his gig that co founders Mike Grice and Chris Bull met.

It hasn’t been easy for City Reign though, trying to make it amidst the hubbub of such a musical scene in which a few key acts dominate. It’s a real example of how hard graft can get you places, something I might not be completely incorrect in saying may not come entirely naturally to several similar acts. After setting up their own label ‘Car Boot Records’, recording, producing and releasing their debut single ‘Making Plans’, the guys have earnt some serious respect from some big names in the business, and yes, that does of course include the king of Radio 6 Steve Lamacq.

Whilst, and don’t take this the wrong way, City Reign haven’t got a particularly new sound, they have crafted some engaging tracks that both please and excite with that delicious hint of grandeur and atmosphere that makes it clear their tracks could transfer easily to bigger venues. Their new single ‘Out In The Cold’ set for release on January 31st is a great example of just what these guys can do. Roaring guitars, angsty drumming and bigggg choruses will make this an instant hit.

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Grab it before it’s hot:

Out In The Cold – City Reign