Hoodie Allen – Dreams Up


Maybe we are biased, but Hoodie Allen seems to be the freshest thing to come out of anywhere ever. Few acts interact with their fans more than he, from setting up U Stream video’s because he couldn’t get to a show to asking fans to ring up to give him a new voicemail or even ringing them to rap to them for a bit. It does really make you wonder if this sort of personal advertising will reap rewards, let’s hope it does, everyone needs some Hoodie in their life, especially when you can drop tracks like this.

Right so, reason for posting is about 3 minutes ago and counting Hoodie put out his latest track Dreams Up, I don’t wanna get too bogged down in description but suffice to say it’s just as magic as his Pep Rally tape, in fact, delightfully so, that tape was incredible, so’s this. It would be hard, you’d assume, to keep churning out hits but with someone who creates music as refreshing, feel good, moral and filled with some of the best hooks i’ve heard all year (not hard given the date, but still..) it seems it may never end.  A true purveyor of real hip hop, not the cliched stereotype that myself and i’m sure many others shunned out of ignorance.

All hail the Hoodie.

Hoodie Allen  –  Dreams Up