Oldermost… I take it back

I was pretty harsh about hazy pop and art pop or fuzz gaze, fuzz pop, art rock or whatever the hell they are calling it now, but anyone that kept at least slightly aware of where pop was headed during the summer is guaranteed to have listened to something full of distorted fuzz that is impossible to remain completely aware of, as well as a laid back nature that harks back to evenings on the beach or generally chilling out in the sun during the evenings.. Not that we had that here in Britain, hot summers aren’t exactly our forte, maybe that’s why I resented the sound so much, hmm ho.

Well anyway, I feel like I did it a disservice, bands such as Wild Nothing and Best Coast totally didn’t deserve the stick I gave the genre in our ‘Songs Of 2010′ post, and similarly with Philadelhpia act Oldermost. I think it is probably because Oldermost’s vibe fits the genre it’s been ‘placed’ in, it’s clever and well worked, but just not deciding to half heartedly mess around overly with a synthesiser just because of the facade of art and intelligence it generates. A Lo fi project with a great amount of inspiration taken from Americana, and all the better for it. Forgive the cynical bastard in me, I do actually really really like Oldermost, and would recommend purchasing their EP from their Bandcamp, especially as it is at ‘any price’ ;).

Their relaxed, but reassuringly well put together and innocent americana tracks are not an attempt to fit a genre, just an expression of the enigmatic groups passions. The song that first came bundled with their email, ‘Lose Your Mind’ is a suitably laid back example of their lo-fi musings. It’s always nice to have songs to listen to that are just simply enjoyable, that don’t require analysing or interpreting but still leave a lasting effect and influx of emotions and memories from evenings and stories past. It’s all warm fuzzy, has great accents and is generally nice to listen to, sometimes, you don’t really need much else… why aren’t you downloading it already?!

Have a listen to their single here:


Lose Your Mind – Oldermost

and if you like what you hear, make sure you download the rest of their EP HERE.