2000 Fast Women


2000 Fast Women, perhaps a goal more than a name, but catchy nonetheless. The remix that this post revolves around (have some patience!) has received some serious play time on my iTunes, even though the numbers in the title leaves it lurking at the bottom of your iTunes, deep in the depths of the un formatted MPFrees one accumulates.

There’s not a huge amount I can say about 2000 Fast Women themselves apart from that they are made up from members of Groove Armada, Roots Manuva and Tricky… credentials speak for themselves really.  Having not really listened to a huge amount of their material, although I did let their MySpace stream play through, I shall definitely be checking them out further at some point! I do however have a lot of time for the Ashley Beedle Remix of their latest single ‘Letters From Vienna’. I heard this way before the actual single and it really packs a punch, I can see why it’s a ‘Warbox Jungle Ting’  though – their words not mine – it would definitely get Mowgli skanking. I don’t really know enough about remixing to give a detailed analysis of how the song is lashed together though, it just sounds cool (haha) and has that dubstep-y hint that from what I can see is becoming a staple for current remixes. Literally cannot get enough of those sped up vocals though, mmm. Make sure you check it out.

Letters From Vienna (Ashley Beedle Warbox Jungle Ting Remix)  –  2000 Fast Women