e-dubble, we salute you!

Sad times are ahead, a staple part of my weekly musical diet has been removed, no longer are e-dubble’s Freestyle Fridays going to be arriving in my inbox for enjoying over the next 7 days, preparing for the next one. The fact is, I could sing e-dubble’s for hours, the ability to craft catchy, intelligent and consistently brilliant tracks for an entire year is an amazing feat that I am in no way whatsoever exaggerating. I honestly challenge you to try and pick out a weak e-dubble Freestyle Friday. In fact, yeah, try and do that, you won’t regret it.

So, in celebration of this incredible achievement I thought I would go through some of my favourite Fridays as well as his last ever one called ‘Robot’s Can’t Drink’ which fittingly uses a sped up version of a track on his debut album ‘Hip Hop Is Good’. Make sure you catch the outro, it’s his last and he wraps (or raps, hehe) everything up nicely.

Oh right, i’ve had some questions about it before, for the songs that i’ll embed via SoundCloud, which I will do below, click the little ‘down’ arrow to download the tracks.

The Inbetween

So I thought we could start first with the track we included in our ‘HMCMB Songs of 2010’ (even I shorten it, damn us with our huge blog name!) which can be downloaded HERE. I think if I try and describe each song individually i’ll run out of things to say, so straight up, this song is just class, hit play and you’ll see what I mean.

Roller Coaster

Ok, so firstly, there’s an intro on this track of e-dubble speaking, and i’m posting it! Listening to you chat mr Dubble won’t stop us posting! I’m sure the reason this song sticks with me is just because of how brilliant the hook is.. again, try it out for yo’self.

Space Rivers

There’s a few reasons as to why this is included, firstly I reckon it sums up e-dubble’s ability fairly well, sampling, splitting up and using a song for his own purpose. Any track is malleable in his hands it seems. Also, the other reasons are some of the other brilliant parts of this track, from the novel use of the chorus of the Lykke Li track ‘posting on my twits pics saying, ‘i’ll follow you”. I’m not sure words do it justice, but suffice to say it’s brilliant. Oh, and he uses an iPhone ringtone sound in the middle of the song, again, it’s brilliant.


Possibly the strongest stand alone track in e-dubble’s arsenal. Miike Snow’s Animal is again split, changed, looped and whatever else you do to tracks for e-dubble’s purposes. Now, my iTunes has told me that i’ve played this song 68 times. If you trust my judgement, even a little bit, which I kinda hope you might as that is really all this blog is… Then this is a banger.


I came across this one only recently and I gotta say that without being too melodramatic this song shows just what hip hop can be about. The answer being ANYTHING. Now seriously, at face value it’s a corny sample (Hanson) but lyrically it’s complete genius. It’s probably too far to say you can begin to understand how it was for e-dubble at school, being really tall was clearly prominent and is rapped about brilliantly but as far as being insightful, and having that ability to get people nodding and laughing at how true the lyrics are, I challenge people to top this song lyrically. A rap all about middle school, and one of his best for it.

Hard Bargain

Ok, so the song is cool and e-dubble does a great job again (like every time, but let’s not go there again). I think for me it’s just the way he’s strung together the brilliant ‘A Ghost Inside’ sample from the insanely talented Broken Bells. But let’s focus on e-dubble, the songs ace.

Robot’s Can’t Drink

So it may seem mean if I say this isn’t as strong as the others, but it is MAINLY here because you may be interested in hearing what he’s got to say in his final outro. A heart wrenching farewell, well not really, but clearly we want more FF’s!

I’d just like to say that picking songs for that was incredibly difficult! Please please make sure you check out the rest of his stuff on Soundcloud. As a headstart, notable mentions go to ‘Paradise City’, ‘Harmonium’, ‘Night Table’,  and ‘Hampden Park’. But again, there are so many more. Oh, and sorry that this post is so hard to load, it’s the quantity of Soundcloud streams that are the problem!

Oh, and as a news update for e-dubble, #7 Hampden Park of his Freestyle Friday’s has been used by comedian Aziz Ansari for his new TV show, lets hope this will get the ball rolling for mr e-dubble!

Oh, and the biggest and best news, E-DUBBLE IS RELEASING A MIXTAPE THIS FRIDAY, WOOOO.  I’m sure you will agree he is far too good to us.